Common problems with hemp wraps and how to solve them

Published Apr 21, 2022 01:00 p.m. ET
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Hemp wraps are an amazing choice for consumers who want the experience of a blunt without the harmful additions that are in tobacco. They provide a smooth flavour without any of the guilt, and most find them easy to use with a bit of practice, still, they do have some downfalls that can make them tricky to work with. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to 5 common problems with hemp wraps and the best ways to fix them.

Hemp wrap won’t stick

There’s nothing more irritating than a hemp wrap that won’t stick after you’ve put in the work to perfectly pack and roll it, and it’s one of the biggest complaints we see. Luckily, it’s a relatively simple issue to fix with a few dabs of blunt glue, cannabis concentrate, or lemon water along the edge. Unlike regular rolling papers, many blunt wraps aren’t equipped with glue strips, and using one of the alternatives provided should help to mimic a similar effect.

Hemp wrap that won’t roll

Getting a hemp wrap to stick is an easy fix, but what about one that won’t roll? Sometimes wraps can be difficult to work with because they’re smooth and tend to hold whatever shape they were stored in, which makes it impossible to get a tight roll even when applying a significant amount of force. What you need here is traction and to loosen the stiffness up a bit, which can be done by gently folding the wrap in half and rolling it back and forth between your fingers, which will create hundreds of small creases. Otherwise, a few seconds over a steamy tap or pot of water might also be enough to loosen things up a bit.

Hemp wraps keep ripping

This is another common problem with these wraps because they’re so stiff but if you treat a hard-to-manage wrap with steam or some slow bending, it will eventually loosen up a bit. Another thing that helps is reducing the amount of pressure placed on the paper. If you’re noticing stems or large bits of herb poking through, then you might want to consider using a grinder and being a bit more thorough when it comes to removing sharp pieces that could get in the way of a successful roll.


Hemp wraps are too big

It’s ok to want a blunt without having to roll one the size that’s normally expected, and there’s a really easy workaround for this. Just grab a pair of scissors and trim it down to the length that you need. Large hemp wraps may even be big enough to be cut in half, leaving you with double the wrap for the same amount of money, which can be a great thing.

Hemp wraps that taste funny

Hemp wraps are one of the most natural accessories on the market for tokers, but each brand varies greatly from the next, so you might come across some that you don’t really like. Generally, it’s best just to switch, but if you’re stuck, or determined to use them up, then you could also try to trim back the wrap to remove any excess paper from inside of the blunt. It might also help to add a few drops of your favourite flavouring to mask the taste enough to, at the very least, ignore it.

Once you know these tips and tricks, you’ll never struggle to enjoy hemp wraps again!

How to roll a blunt with hemp wraps


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