Combining sex with cannabis may help to improve mental health

Published Jun 24, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Who knew that cannabis could not only improve one’s sexual experiences but that it could also help in the improvement of one’s overall mental health. Using marijuana as an aphrodisiac, for some, brought excitement to the bedroom while calming the ferocious demon known as a form of mental health. Can cannabis and sex, when used in combination, be the answer for mental health stability?

Safe sex

Not all combinations of drugs and sex are safe to use. Examples of this include meth, a drug used by some to increase confidence and feelings of intimacy. This practice, often used by men who have sex with men or bisexual men, is labelled "chemsex." This practice has been identified as a driver of HIV infection, depression, suicide, and anxiety among users. Often chemsex is motivated by the desire to maximize pleasure and lower inhibitions while decreasing feelings of shame and anxiety.

The British Columbia Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) has conducted studies that show how cannabis may have an essential role in addressing the harms that are seen. Cannabis, as an aphrodisiac, is seen in these studies as an aid to help bisexual and men with gender issues to overcome their negative mental health feelings about themselves. Natural remedies like cannabis are deemed a far healthier alternative over meth or the chemsex way of providing a less anxious sexual experience. This is noticed, especially with gay or bisexual men who are perhaps meeting their partners for the first time.

COVID-19 has left many with lonely feelings, and a fear of separation. Social distancing is not conducive to a healthy sexual or mental health life. For some, cannabis can be the sexual lubricant that is needed to fulfill the intimacy that they search for in the relationships that they establish. During this social distancing time, cannabis can be a safe way that one can achieve a satisfying online secure and virtual sexual experience, as the risk of hooking up with a person is eliminated while the need for intimacy and healthy mental feelings are provided by the use of cannabis as an aphrodisiac.

Chemsex is practiced openly among the bi transgender and homosexual male. It is an unsafe practice, and the substituting of cannabis, a natural remedy for sexual inhibitions, is safer. It leads to more stable mental health issues being resolved or perhaps for some who are using the chemsex method of stimulation to cease. Cannabis does not kill, other drugs used in the sexual exploitation of one’s mind while searching for peacefulness and acceptance of one's skin do.


Mental health and COVID-19

Has COVID-19 driven more men to seek out a way to soothe the soul? Have men chosen to use a cannabis aphrodisiac to improve their sexual encounters while keeping their mental health on a positive note? Cannabis has been used for years to aid in the symptoms of many mental health concerns like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of self-worth

Looking forward to happier days

For many who live the lifestyle that is often looked upon as not mentally fit cannabis could be the natural remedy that may solve the issues of a lack of confidence and self-worth. These are issues that many of these young men are living with today. Cannabis, the natural aphrodisiac, could be the breakthrough that the mental health industry has been searching for. The added sexual component that comes with the cannabis plants use is more than a bonus. It is a delight for many looking to enjoy sexual encounters to the fullest while providing a balance to the mental health of all users.

Marijuana and aphrodisiacs


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