Colorado college to offer cannabis major in 2020

Published Feb 20, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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Cannabis biology and chemistry classes will soon be available at the Colorado college. It’s great news and an excellent course. The course is called Cannabis Biology, and the chemistry class will have a focus on all of the necessary science to work within the cannabis industry successfully. The course load will not be the easiest and it might even feel like you are taking a double major in biology and chemistry, but it’s worth it. The course will be available at CSU in the fall of 2020.

Since Hemp and cannabis are taking off at a rapid rate, there is going to be a great need for educated people entering the field that can provide the industry with cutting edge areas of the science that is involved with the marijuana industry.

The learning

The students will be working in labs and learning about all the genetics behind hemp /cannabis The focus will be in the area of analytical chemistry students will be learning about all the different compounds and determining the CBD levels in the plant and how they work and the importance of them. And the amount of CBD concentration that exists in the plant.

Although students will not be working with high levels of THC, the focus will be more in the area of CBD. So the center is going to be more on the biology side of things. The students will also be taking courses in Neurobiology and Biochemistry

The school is not pro-pot or anti-pot. They just want to offer students the opportunity to get a degree that will permit them to work in the industry. This seems fitting as they do grow hemp for research purposes. This is the time to be learning the sciences behind cannabis as the industry needs to have more research done in hopes of more states becoming federally legal as in some states marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 drug. We all need to work hard to make changes to that.


There are a few other schools offering courses in the new marijuana industry. This fall classes will be staring, and we are sure the applications are piling in. The world has some great potentially life-changing science-minded students that can and will make a big difference in the marijuana industry.

This course is not focused on smoking weed but more on the cannabis industry and cannabis jobs that will be of interest to the students. With this kind of education, students should have no issue finding work as the industry is booming.

The course at CSU offers a bachelor's degree in cannabis biology and chemistry. Although the focus will be in the cannabis industry a bachelor's degree will not be frowned upon, so career choices will not be limited to those that are within the cannabis industry. It is expected to be the course of a high demand come this fall.

We can not wait to see how this will impact research. Especially with fresh eyes and eager minds waiting to soak up all the information they can. This is an exciting time for Colorado and for the students that will be in class this fall.

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