CBD oil and its many uses

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:25 p.m. ET

What is CBD oil?
CBD (cannabidiol) oil is a concentrate that is derived from a CBD pure strain of cannabis plant. CBD oil does not contain the active ingredient THC and will not get you high. CBD oil contains no added terpenes and can be smoked, vaped, eaten, inhaled, or taken orally depending on the exact ingredients used. While there are many forms of CBD oil for various uses, pure CBD oil is most frequently made for and recommended to be taken orally, as it gives the most benefit to the applications without any unnecessary risk to overall lung health. CBD is used strictly for its medicinal benefits due to its ability to combat inflammation, and it’s condensed fast-acting effectiveness. CBD oil has also been found to help those suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, and depression.

How is it made?
CBD oil is made by extracting the CBD using a solvent such as alcohol. Usually, a hemp cannabis plant is used. It is soaked in the solvent long enough to fully extract the CBD contents. Once the extraction is complete, the plant materials are then filtered out, and the solution is left exposed to air for several hours. Once the solvent has completely evaporated the result is a clean, pure condensed form of CBD. The end product is then tested for strength, labeled and ready for sale or use.

Why is CBD oil used?
CBD oil is often recommended to those who suffer from a wide range of chronic illness such as anxiety, depression, inflammation of the joint, chronic pain, nausea, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, sleep disorders, and cancer.

How is CBD oil used?
As mentioned in our opening, CBD oils are sold for a variety of uses and method of ingestion. However, it is always recommended to ingest pure CBD oil either orally or in capsule form. This is for several reasons. Taking orally with allow the CBD to have a more time-released effect, lasting for several hours. It is also the healthiest way to consume it with the least side effects, therefore, maximum health benefit. Ingesting orally will put the active ingredient CBD directly into your bloodstream which is believed to give the most benefit and is also the easiest, cleanest way for your body to process to CBD fully.

What dosage of CBD oil to take?
Exact dosage depends on several factors. CBD oil is sold on the market conveniently labeled with exact CBD% information. This is the easiest way to keep control over your exact dosage. If you make it at home, it's a bit trickier as CBD content in what you make will fluctuate, but still runs on the same principles. How much you need will depend on the severity of your symptoms, your sensitivity to the product, and then personal preference. It is usually recommended to ingest by either placing the appropriate dose under your tongue or along the bottom gum line, allowing the oil plenty of time to dissolve before eating or drinking to maximize the effects. This is because of the blood vessels located under the tongue and along the gumline. These methods allow the CBD direct contact with the bloodstream which will, in turn, allow them to take effect much more quickly than swallowing or smoking it. It also comes with the least side effects. It is also recommended a user start with a small dose. Only one or two drops for the first few days to gauge the results. After three days if you notice no effect, then you can take up your dose, usually by adding one more drop every few days until you achieve the desired effect.

Where to buy CBD pure strain seeds?
Considering making your own? Buying CBD seeds is easy. To begin you need to check your local seed bank and search varieties listed as CBD pure. If you are looking for the bonus of either the buzz or extra pain relief you can choose one that also has a THC content. A great place for Canadians to start is www.weed-seeds.ca. They currently hold the largest established database of CBD only strains and specialize in the medicinal uses of cannabis plants. They currently offer the best selection of medically recommended strains in the country.

Where to get CBD oil?
CBD pure oil can be purchased in more many more places than THC oil. Places such as Buy CBD Canada, Cannabis Supply Co. will ship it anywhere in Canada. If you want something a bit more local, then just about every dispensary near you will likely carry some justwith a smaller selection of CBD content variations.

Link to Buy CBD Canada:www.buycbdcanada.ca

Link to Cannabis Supply co:www.cannabissupplyco.ca


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