CBD crystals - What are they and how are they made?

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:12 p.m. ET

What are CBD crystals?

 CBD crystals or cannabidiol crystals are a pure all-natural form of the chemical component CBD that is harvested from hemp plants. CBD crystals do not contain THC and will not get you high. The effects of using pure CBD crystals are lighter, more peaceful and relaxing without the psychoactive buzz. While most concentrates contain at least trace amounts of other plant matter CBD crystals are the purest form of CBD currently available.

How to make CBD crystals

Cannabis plants contain more than 100 different cannabinoids and CBD crystals, are made from only one of them. The cannabinoids in CBD crystals are extracted from hemp plants that naturally produce high levels of CBD. This requires four stages including choosing a strain, extraction, solidification, and purification. Most people at home will not have access to some of the dangerous solvents used in the most widely implemented method of creating crystals called Chromatography. Chromatography also requires a precise set up including exact temperature controls and industrial type exhaust systems for ventilation. If you are not a professional, it is not recommended that you try to make your own crystals at home. Because of that we will cover the necessary steps here but will not include a how-to guide with specific measurements.

The first stage - Choosing a strain
Generally, the strain chosen will depend on the compound being sought after. Usually, crystals are made with the intent to condense either THC or CBD. For CBD crystals a strain containing the highest percentage of CBD or a CBD pure strain will be selected. This part is essential since the effects of CBD are not psychoactive and have the most medicinal benefit.

The second stage - extraction
To begin the extraction process either CO2, propane or butane is run through the dry plant material. As the solvent rushes through the plant materials, it will extract all the cannabinoids from it. This creates a condensed form of CBD crude oil which is full of impurities and still contains all the solvents. The extracted fluid is now filtered.

The third stage - Solidification
Once extraction is complete the solution left will contain approximately 60%-90% CBD. Now it is time to change that content from a fluid state to a solid one. Now different solvents such as hexane and acetic acid are added to separate the pure CBD from the excess material. This is done over three different stages with the last one being an extensive filtration system. Once all contents in the solution have been given time to settle it is filtered one last time before being cooled to evaporate any liquid.

The fourth stage - Purification
This is where chromatography is used to separate any remaining impure components from the mixture and where the process gets a bit complicated. A professional would now add pentane as sort of a chemical wash which will break down the crystals again. It will then be left to cool again resulting in the remaining crystals containing an average 99.9% of CBD content.

How to use CBD crystals

The great thing about CBD Crystals is that they are so pure they can be used in a variety of different ways.


Edibles- Using CBD crystals in edibles is by far the safest and most enjoyable way of injecting CBD. CBD crystals can be added to any recipe requiring oil or butter and even most that don’t. To add crystals to your recipe, warm butter or oil using a small pot on low heat and add the crystals. Mix and remove from heat once the crystals dissolve. Now it can be added to anything from smoothies and sauces to your favorite brownies or icing.

Dabbing- Dabbing is quickly gaining popularity and is a method of ingesting recommended for seasoned users. This is by far the fastest way to obtain the effects. Dabbing is done by using a heated nail that is pressed against the crystal vaporizing it instantly. It is then inhaled by the user. Dabbing rigs are most recommended as this method will not work correctly in your average pipe.  

Use topically- If you would like the benefits from topically applying CBD, you can create your own oil tincture with a base of either hemp, coconut or olive oil. For a 10% CBD content you will need one gram of crystal for every 10 milliliters of oil. You can do this by mixing the two as using as is or if you want them dissolved you can warm the oil until the crystals dissolve using hot water in a bowl. It is not recommended to use an open flame or stove-top.

Making CBD liquid- Vaping is a discreet way of ingesting your CBD crystal. You can mix your own CBD vape oil by using 200 milligrams of crystals for every 10 milliliters of e-liquid. Begin by heating the liquid to 60 C and then slowly adding the CBD crystal. You will need to mix it a bit until you see it fully dissolve. Then remove from the heat, and it’s ready to use once cooled.

CBD crystals dosage

So now that you know how CBD crystals are made and how they are used the only thing left to cover is appropriate dosage. The most significant benefit of using CBD crystals is that due to purity it is easy to measure precisely how much you are getting. If you want to start with 5 milligrams of CBD than just measure out .5 grams of crystal. It is recommended that new users begin with a small 5-10 milligrams a day. Generally dosing is spread out to 4 times a day. If you are starting at 10 milligrams a day than you will only want 2.5 milligrams per dose. It is best to stick with the starting amount for at least three days. If unhappy with the effects than slowly raise the dose by ½ every three days until you reach the desired results. Luckily CBD is non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about overdosing, but you will want to closely monitor the effects in yourself especially if you are a new user.

What is CBD good for?

While there are very few studies that have been done on the overall long-term effects of CBD, what we do know is that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and shows helpful to anyone who suffers from muscles spasms, seizures, fibromyalgia, nausea, lack of appetite, arthritis, depression, anxiety and more. It has been recommended for people of all ages and shown great benefits with very few side effects. It is not addictive, not toxic, requires no prescription and is relatively easy to access making it one of the best natural aids in health currently on the market.



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