CBD cigarettes 101

Published Feb 22, 2021 02:00 p.m. ET
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Cigarettes are generally thought of as a tobacco filled roll, and those are something we know full well we’re supposed to steer clear of, so to hear that there’s this new thing called CBD cigarettes being sold and marketed as a health focus product can be a bit of a shock to the system. We know that inhaling anything isn’t normally recommended by doctors or other healthcare professionals. Still, these odd, new, hot commodities are growing quickly in popularity, and they seem to be the exception to the rules.

What are CBD cigarettes?

CBD cigarettes, aka hemp cigarettes, are a lot like the tobacco versions most of us are familiar with, only they’re filled with hemp flower. Unlike the chemical-laden original cigarettes, hemp cigarettes offer a measurable dose of CBD, which can offer a wide variety of benefits depending on the situation at hand. Unlike cannabis pre-rolls, hemp cigarettes come complete with a filter, and where they’re legally available, they are generally sold in packs of more than 6 rather than individually.

Are CBD cigarettes legal?

CBD cigarettes are a unique product, and they aren’t available everywhere. In fact, the rules from one place to the next vary so much on this idea that they aren’t even offered in all regions where cannabis is legally in storefronts for purchase. Some of the biggest brands though struggling for acceptance, are pushing boundaries and advocating for changes necessary to bring CBD products onto the market globally. So, while for now, you’ll have to check your local regulations to find out if they’re legal in your area, soon, CBD cigarettes are very likely to be on store shelves everywhere.

What’s the point of CBD cigarettes?

Hemp cigarettes aren’t meant to be the cool, new smoke like we saw vaping become over these last few years. Instead, they’re designed to be a tool that can be used for a wide range of specific purposes. Of course, some might choose to indulge in that way, but the majority of consumers are paying for CBD cigarettes with a particular goal in mind.

  • Quitting smoking tobacco
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Managing stress
  • Pain relief
  • Alternative to cannabis

CBD is effective at combating cravings which can help to curb addiction to everything from cigarettes to coffee. It can also significantly reduce symptoms of withdrawal when a person has to go without cannabis due to responsibility or any other motivation that requires them to not be impaired. Much like with the benefits of cannabis, CBD cigarettes work differently for everyone, so the reasons behind why they’re used are many.

Are they any good for non-smokers?

CBD cigarettes like any other type of smokable product must be lit and inhaled, which does introduce a small risk to overall lung health, and that is why they aren’t usually the first thing to be recommended by healthcare professionals, but in some cases, like those of tobacco or cannabis smokers who are trying to quit, replacing the action entirely can have a therapeutic effect. So, while they’re great for tokers and cigarette smokers, most others will probably benefit more from a different method of consumption.

How to make your own CBD cigarettes

Smoking CBD can be really helpful, but the large bill that comes from buying the pre-rolled variety is a pain, which is why some consumers are choosing to save their money by rolling their own hemp cigarettes. All you need is some empty cigarette tubes, a manual cigarette roller, and a handful of hemp flower, then in no time at all, you can be making whole packs of hemp cigarettes for a fraction of what you’d spend when buying them through a store.

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