CBD and THC sprays

Published Jul 26, 2019 01:30 p.m. ET
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Though THC infused goods have been the most highlighted by the media, CBD products are quickly surpassing them in both popularity and overall sales. Luckily, legalization has brought forward a massive shift in society, which has allowed for critical research and awareness to take place. Despite CBD's sudden rise to fame, both THC and CBD products play an essential role in the health and wellbeing, and recreational markets. The trouble is that a low of people don't understand these two options and the different results that can be achieved with them. Here we will focus specifically on infused mists and include a list of five stellar products that are on the market right now, including where you can buy them.

THC spray VS CBD spray

THC spray

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the element that is used in the making of these options, is the psychoactive cannabinoid that produces the stereotypical buzz that is often associated with marijuana use. Some of these sprays are meant for topical application, while others are intended for oral ingestion. THC spray can leave you feeling euphoric if taken my mouth but applying it directly to the skin will result in a tingly sensation that is excellent for relieving pain, without making you feel high.

CBD spray

Cannabidiol CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid counterpart to THC. Though it is often found in cannabis plant species, CBD products tend to be made using various strains of hemp that contain much higher concentrations of the compound. These mixtures will never get you high and are generally used to treat chronic health symptoms and or conditions.

1. Mana Healing CBD's Serene Mist
Cost: $20
This CBD spray comes paired with a delightful lavender fragrance that helps you to relax as the pain, anxiety, and stress melt away. These CBD products are not meant to be taken orally, but can be sprayed on the chest, back, or hands, and inhaled for relief.

Where to purchase: *https://manahealingcbd.com *

2. Mota Indica THC spray
Cost: $20
This THC mist made by Mota is incredibly fast-acting and results in a long-lasting high. The combination of ingredients in this product is pure THC and alcohol and meant for oral ingestion, so if you need something to keep on hand for either recreational or medical use, this might be just the cannabis concoction for you.


Where to purchase: www.justcannabis.shop

**3. HEXO Elixir Peppermint Oil Oral Spray **
Cost: $116.80
This small 15ml bottle packs a powerful minty punch, that is perfect for soothing a sore throat, and taking the edge off of pain, stress, and anxiety. The mixture contains 2% THC and 53mg of CBD, which is easy to administer in equal doses each time. Hexo is one of the few makers of both THC and CBD products with a license with the Canadian government, so their items can be purchased in any provincially run cannabis dispensary.

Where to purchase: www.ocs.ca

4. Rift THC Spray
Cost: $29.99
If you seek rapid delivery of THC without having to smoke than this THC spray offers a convenient method of ingestion without the adverse health effects. This one is designed by another government-licensed produce that has been making leaps and bounds in the cannabis industry. With flavors like cherry, vanilla, watermelon, and scent-free, there is a little bit of something to suit every palate with RIFT THC Spray.

Where to purchase: https://shopcannabisnl.com

5. Essentials Pets CBD Spray
Cost: $60
Humans aren't the only ones that can enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids. Though THC is toxic to most of our furry friends, CBD products are perfectly safe. This 60ml CBD spray contains 500mg of full-spectrum CBD oil that can be easily applied to your dog or cat’s food before they dig in. Adding CBD products to your pet's diet can help with arthritis, other chronic pain symptoms, anxiety, and stress.

Where to purchase: https://cbd-oil-canada.ca

How to make THC spray


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