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Published May 9, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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It’s a foreign concept to many, but one that is growing quickly in popularity as the health benefits of cannabinoids are researched further, revealing an entire world worth of science that we never knew about before. Between active and completed clinical trials and surveys, the truth is clear, and it’s that people are going crazy over non-psychoactive cannabis goods even more so than recreational consumers are looking to get stoned, and the reasons why may just amaze you.

Why wouldn’t you want to get stoned?

Even the occasional cannabis enthusiast is likely wondering why a person would want to spend so much money on a product that won’t get them stoned. After all, that’s really the main appeal to using the plant, or at least it has been for several decades, but the incredible thing about pot is that it’s good for so much more than that, as long as you know how to use it, and which products to look for.

A lot of people live a lifestyle or work a job that does not allow them to be high all of the time. Some people respond poorly to THC, and end up feeling discomfort, fear, and even panic when they get stoned, whereas others might just fall right asleep if they get the wrong strains into them. No matter what the result, sometimes, it just isn’t compatible with everyday life, especially if you need a solution that will last for longer than the weekend.

Ok, but then why would you need to use cannabis?

Getting stoned offers a vast array of health benefits for patients and regular people all around the globe, and that is especially true for sufferers of chronic pain, as it works quickly and efficiently to alleviate the sensation within moments. However, if you’re someone who needs to stay clear-headed throughout the day, then you might just want the health benefits, which are often achievable using only CBD, or CBD combined with a minimal amount of THC.

CBD works more quietly and inconspicuously as it doesn’t induce the intense psychoactive sensations that one would normally associate with cannabis consumption. It works by decreasing active inflammation, which is often responsible for chronic pain symptoms. This usually means that a fair level of relief can be achieved once you find an ideal dose and method of application, and you won’t have to deal with feeling stoned, which we all know is uncomfortable in many different situations.

Cannabinoids are great, and they're often the first thing that you’ll notice on cannabis product labels because we tend to believe that they are the most important tools in achieving the health benefits of cannabis, but there’s, even more, to uncover when it comes to this incredible plant and everything that it has to offer because it’s also filled to the brim with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and oils, which can all be obtained through raw juicing of cannabis plant materials, and consuming the extracts.


CBD vs THC vs nutrients

THC is most often preferred by recreational consumers, but surprisingly enough, cannabis product sales are jumping upwards more so because of a spike of new interests in the health benefits of CBD and consuming all-natural nutrients. Though users who buy cannabis goods are still the vast majority of all cannabis consumers, the number of individuals who chose to use it specifically for recreational reasons isn’t really going up at all.

In fact, the number of this new kind of pot enthusiast is rising steadily each year, leading to some experts predicting that they will eventually rule the legal market entirely. We haven't quite seen the market shift to reflect this sudden interest, but over the next few years, as the market widens substantially thanks to changes to legislation surrounding hemp and cannabis cultivation, it is an inevitable shift that is bound to reach far beyond anyone’s expectations.

Are the health benefits of CBD or nutrients worth it?

Whether or not it’s worth it, in terms of the health benefits, is entirely up to you, as unfortunately, these ever-popular products come with high price tags that might be enough to turn off an unconvinced consumer, but that is simply because of the stringent regulations surrounding the cost required to make these kinds of options. As they continue to grow in popularity and availability, smaller companies will want in on the action, which will bring forward competition.

Ultimately a broader market, with loosened restrictions, should eventually bring forward a whole new line of products, and the ones that don’t get you stoned are likely to end up on the shelves of groceries and health food stores everywhere. That’s right, the future of cannabis juice, smoothies, and baked goods available at your local 7-11 might be even nearer than you ever realized, but none of it is going to get you stoned. Instead, it will help to promote healthy living and a sustainable lifestyle through cannabis.

How to juice raw cannabis leaves


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