Cannabis videos that can help you to perfect cross breeding

Published Feb 5, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Growing any plant can be challenging or very easy and propagating is the same concept of difficulty. If you have been dreaming about the idea of cross-breeding your cannabis plants, then you have come to the right place. It is a new first step in the industry for many, and there are some very informative videos out there to help to guide you through the phases of starting and breeding in your garden.

There are also many books available, but for some, a video seems more natural to follow and store information. Before starting, it is advisable to learn all that you can to avoid losing a good crop or forgetting that one important thing along the way. Take notes and ask people that you know have experience. Growing marijuana is a very giving hobby and or business. If you take the right steps to have the proper equipment, you are sure to have a beautiful crop.

Useful Videos for cross breeding

Bellow, you are going to find a list of videos that we have chosen for learning the breeding process, so let us get this journey started.

1. From Seed to Stoned
This video is found on YouTube, and it’s great and very detailed. Offering everything from start to finish for those that are just getting their garden started. On this channel, you will find many videos for all your marijuana growing needs. Very informative.

2. How to Create a New Cannabis Strain
This video is found on YouTube, and it’s a great way to learn from, as it’s got every little bit of information for the breeder. You will also find more videos on this channel that are very informative for easy step by step learning.

3. Cannabis Breeding 101
This video again on YouTube is great. This guy breaks everything down into very informative dialogue, and he knows his stuff. You would gain some great insights into breeding with this video. It covers everything, and there are many more on this channel that you will find to be a great learning tool.


4. How to Make Feminized Seeds
This video can be found on YouTube. It’s straight forward and informative learning including step by step information so that you can breed your seedlings and start the perfect garden

5. Cross Breeding Made Easy
This video was found on YouTube. Learn how to crossbreed you two favourite strains in this easy to follow video. It’s straight forward, very informative and many others are available on this channel as well that can be useful for the average breeder.

6. Collecting Pollen for Crossbreeding
This video can be found on YouTube. So, this one is more in-depth and includes excellent learning material about pollinating and storing pollen for later use. For beginners, it’s a great video for sure.

These are just a few cannabis videos on the web, but they are bound to get the ball rolling and give you some insight into what kind of effort that is needed to be successful in your crossbreeding and growing. With the enormous amount of information available, you can find the right avenue that works for you. There are many different channels you can find some great videos like WeedTube. The best thing to do is research as much information you can before you start and remember you can never know too much.

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