Cannabis is one of the safest houseplants you can have with kids

Published Aug 12, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Not too long ago, if you were caught with a pot plant, it’d be an instant charge and in some regions jail time, so it’s relatively normal to have some apprehension about growing cannabis, especially if you’ve got children or pets who play about. For a number of years, these plants were viewed as a hazard, but they pose absolutely no real risk to your kids or your furry companions, and they can provide a host of benefits for your home.

The dangers of many common house plants

When you go to pick up a flower or fern from your local nursery, do you investigate its history and background to see what kinds of risks it could pose to your children? Though it might seem like common sense, many of the most common house plants could pose real harm. Take, for example, Marigolds, which, when in full bloom, produce seeds that contain toxins that can have serious consequences when ingested.

One of the most common house plants that are gifted at Christmas time is Poinsettias. They boast big and beautiful red colors and they are commonly sold in the middle of December which happens to be when they come to full bloom. Most of us have had one, or gifted one at some point, without a single thought as to the harms that may come of them, and they are true hazards and even deadly to small household pets and children.

Cannabis plants, on the other hand, make excellent houseplants, when you’ve got kids or pets running around because they are non-toxic. Now, at first, that might sound odd if you don’t quite yet know the complexities of decarboxylation, but in its raw form, cannabis plants, or more specifically, their buds are full of inactivated THC called THCA, and at this point, they can be ingested, and they will not produce the psychoactive effects, because they have not been exposed to heat.

That’s right! You could pick the biggest, most mature cannabis plant, and somehow manage to eat the entire thing, and you would not be able to catch a buzz. Those who don’t know this assume that just touching a cannabis plant could cause damage, but the truth is that a big thick cannabis plant poses no more risk to your most vulnerable household residents than growing a patch of grass.

Plants that are hard to kill


This is yet another reason to consider cannabis plants in place of more traditional options, as pot plants are notoriously hardy. So, if something happens where your light gets shut off for a bit, or the plant gets knocked over, it might cause damage, but what isn’t entirely broken will eventually heal itself as it continues to mature. This means that you could even let your kids water them if you wanted, and they’d likely do just fine without your watchful eye.

Ideas and uses for cannabis plants in the home

Using cannabis as an alternative for regular houseplants works best in certain situations, as they do take up a fair amount of room once they are fully grown, so placement is everything. You might not have enough room for one on the kitchen table unless you dine at something enormous, but placing a couple at entryways and in the corner of rooms that you want to brighten up is a perfect place to start.

If you don’t want to be quite that bold, but you’d still like to enjoy the benefits of growing cannabis instead of regular household plants, then you can even set them up in window boxes, or a small closet to open and view when the mood strikes you. No matter where you choose to put them, if they’re indoors, you’ll notice an improved air quality, and it really doesn’t get more beneficial than that followed by a buzz where house plants are concerned.

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