Cannabis in India - Bhang

Published Mar 8, 2019 10:03 a.m. ET

 Ever hear of bhang? If not you’re not alone as its use has been mostly limited to India until more recently. Here we will cover a few topics including a brief description of the history of weed in India, what bhang is, and all the neat ways it can be used to relax and to treat a variety of medical conditions at home.

History of weed in India

India has an extensive history with marijuana use that is tied to both religion and folklore. Some of the oldest Hindu texts that contain mentions of cannabis were written between 2000-1400 BC. One of those was Vedas which lists marijuana and one of the five sacred plants. The legend is that a small guardian angel lived among its leaves. During the middle ages, soldiers in India would often consume bhang by drinking it to soothe nerves before heading off to battle. With cannabis having such deep-rooted history in the country it is no surprise that marijuana-infused tea, coffee, and other drinks are quite common. Its most frequently consumed by being mixed into drinks that use fruits, nuts, milk, or yogurt as a base that is flavored with spices.

Is bhang marijuana?

Bhang is a marijuana mixture that often resembles a paste.

What is bhang?

Bhang is a mixture that consists of cannabis and water that is sometimes accompanied by other herbs or spices. Generally, it is two parts water and one-part cannabis but the variation changes according to personal taste. Since bhang is most often used for medicinal purposes, it is traditionally made using a strain that produces high levels of CBD.

What does bhang contain?

Bhang contains water and marijuana bud, so the benefits you receive from using it are from the many elements that are found within the plant. This includes three essential amino fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9, high amounts of fiber, THC, CBD, cannabinoid acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and terpenes.

What does a bhang drink contain?  

The ingredients found in a Bhang drink will vary depending on the recipe used, but for the most part, a Bhang drink will consist of milk or yogurt, nuts, honey, coconut milk, ginger, and other spices to taste.


How to use bhang

1. Drink it Pure - Bhang can be consumer pure on its own. The base of Bhang paste is just herb grind and water, so this isn’t the most enjoyable way to make it.

2. Mix it - Mixed in a drink that is healthy and made using pure ingredients like milk, yogurt, honey, and sugar for an amazing flavor with all the same benefits.

3. Topically - Though it isn’t believed to be nearly as effective some have found relief in treating minor skin irritations by rinsing the area thoroughly with bhang paste daily.

4. Coffee/Tea- One of the most common ways of using hang is by adding a small amount to a favorite coffee or tea for a powerful boost paired with caffeine.

Effects of bhang

When bhang is consumed in its purest form, the produced results will be the strongest, but even when it is taken mixed in a drink, bhang will provide a euphoric, relaxing and soothing effect similar to what you would expect from eating edibles. The feeling will also be long-lasting anywhere from 6-12 hours and can take up to two hours to even be felt by the user.

Benefits of bhang

The way that Bang affects everyone will vary just like any other cannabis-infused product. Bhang has the potential to help with many different ailments as it contains properties that can help to relieve pain, anxiety, stress, depression, digestion problems, arthritis, scoliosis, skin problems, vomiting, fever, nausea, and more. Bhang is also used as an aphrodisiac and is described as a useful tool in the bedroom for those who suffer from libido issues.  



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