Cannabis grow boxes - What they are, and why you should use one

Published Feb 13, 2019 04:45 p.m. ET

With technology quickly advancing to provide small-time cannabis growers the ability to grow stellar plants indoors, there are now so many options to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start. Most people are familiar with more traditional indoor plant setups that require lights, heat, shelves, and more, but what many don't realize that there are several different tools now available that take indoor growing to an entirely different level of professionalism.

What is a marijuana grow box?

A marijuana grow box can go by many different names, some of which pertain to different designs and they include grow box, stealth grow box, automated grow box, and grow cabinet. Now some of those will have very special features that go above and beyond what the most basic types do, but for the most part, a marijuana grow box is a solid container that is made to contain all the necessary tools and conditions to develop your own plants at home.

Grow box types

As mentioned above, a grow box may be labeled under any of several different names. Each one relates to the features you will likely find within. Here are just a few of the most common and easy to spot types of marijuana grow boxes.

Grow cabinet

The term grow cabinet is often used interchangeably with grow box. Both will generally offer only the most basic of features which should include a cabinet, a light, clinging to amplify the lighting inside, and an exhaust system of some sort to keep mold at bay. Most will have some drawer or shelf to hold tools like nutrients or a watering can, but the smallest are just a hard-shelled version of a grow tent.


Stealth grow box

Stealth grow boxes are a whole different ball game. They are explicitly made to grow as discreetly as possible and often made to look like filing cabinets, tables, shelves, computers, fish tanks, and more to hide their true purpose from anyone who might look at it. A stealth grow box will also come equipped with a completely silent filtration system including a carbon filter to remove any unwanted smells from the air that is blown through the exhaust. This type is geared towards those who don’t have total privacy or need a discreet, safe place within their own home and are great for apartment dwellers who don’t want to have to avoid company during the entirety of a growing season.

Automated grow box

Automated grow boxes are the top of the line version of a marijuana grow box. They come at the highest cost but have some of the neatest features. These beauties can often do everything that the others can at the same time as providing full control to the user. With smartphone controls and setting choices for humidity levels, temperature, light setting, and sometimes even go so far as to control nutrients and watering schedules for you. All you have to do is fill the different compartments that hold the liquids and plug it in and wait for your perfect harvest. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Benefits of using a marijuana grow box

There are so many benefits to using a marijuana grow box when comparing them to alternatives such as grow tents, or regular grow rooms including:

  • The adjustable controls and minimumamount of space allow for maximum control over humidity and temperatures
  • Its user-friendly design means an easy setup.
  • The hard materials used to make the outer shells of grow boxes are durable and help to keep pests and pets at bay.
  • Grow boxes will always come equipped with a fan, exhaust, and light system making it an all in one purchase.
  • They are discreet, small, and functional making them space savers and efficient on utilities such as hydro.
  • The majority of grow cabinets are completely scent proof and coated with a mold resistant layer.


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