Can you smoke old weed?

Published Feb 28, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET

What does old weed look like? Here are some cues to help determine if your weed is safe to use.


You’ve probably tried to determine this by smell. Budding cannabis that is sitting on your top drawer has no smell. The terpenes have long left your marijuana. This is an indicator that your weed may have seen its better days. I don’t mean that the moldy mildew smell is what you are looking for to ensure that your weed is good. Quite the opposite. If you are smelling chemicals from your stash, beware. Thisis an indication that pesticides are present in your bud. Something went wrong in the flushing process. Chemicals of some sort have remained on the bud.

Take care not to store your weed in a container that will impart its odor on your weed. If there is no smell to your weed, perhaps you should consider using the weed. Yes, you may get a small buzz, but it will be harsh on the throat. Mold is dangerous when inhaled from old weed. Mold spores like to grow in moist places.


Your old weed may contain stems and seeds and dusty marijuana. Is the color strange more brown than green? Mold is identifiable visually on your marijuana bud. Mold will look like a powdery white mass on your cannabis Mold is not to be mistaken for THC crystals.  Pulling apart your bud will help in identifying powdery mildew. When mold gets hold of your buds you notice spores and white spots; this is the mold that has gotten into the tightness and density of your bud.



How does your bud feel? Does it disintegrate in your hands when you pull it apart?

Does your cannabis feel rough to your hands or the herb can be powdery in your hands?

All the above reasons could be signs of old weed. You may ask, can I smoke old weed? Well, old weed will not make you sick, it may not even get you high. THC degrades, and the terpene oils drop in potency. It may crumble in your hand.

Marijuana shelf life can be ten years or more. This can only happen when all steps of the marijuana journey are followed to a tee. From the beginning to the end. This includes the storage. If all parts of the growing and harvesting stages are monitored and done correctly, marijuana can last a number of years. The problem with this scenario is that you have no control over the herb you are purchasing. The steps that are taken before the cannabis reaches your stash is out of your control, and this then determines what your marijuana shelf life is going to be. Perfect monitoring of your weed from beginning to end will ensure that your weed is healthy and safe to use.

The question begs an answer; can you smoke old weed? Well yes, you can, and you can get just as high as the day that you put the cannabis in your storage container.  Storage plays a big part in the potency and the effects that your herb has when you smoke it. Done correctly even old weed is good. Does your throat and chest hurt after a joint? It is not worth smoking old weed that has not been carefully produced. Throw it away and find yourself a nice healthy new joint to make the day brighter.

Be careful and enjoy!



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