Can't taste or smell your weed? Here's how to fix it!

Published Jul 23, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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A plethora of cannabis consumers is stuck in a strange spot, not understanding all of the hype surrounding terpene profiles. Have you ever tasted a blueberry strain only to discover that it really doesn’t stand out from whatever you were enjoying before it? “What’s the difference?” you might ask yourself as you try to decipher the complicated aromas of cannabis because after puffing away for years or even decades and noticing a difference, it’s quite obvious that there’s something you missed.

It might seem impossible and almost made up when you hear connoisseurs going on about the subtle flavours of diesel, but don’t fret, because even if you can’t taste or smell your weed, this is a skill that can be learned with time.

The benefits of aromatic compounds in cannabis

Some terpenes can help to speed up healing, while others can sedate, uplift, or even motivate, and these are things that are based on science, not just fast spread stoner myths. As the benefits of harnessing this power become more widely known, cannabis lovers everywhere are suddenly garnering a healthy interest in the subject, but one of the first steps is to recognize them. Without experience, this can be hard to accomplish, but there is one surefire way to train your nose, and this is it.

Step 1 – Head to your local dispensary and then enlist the help of an experienced budtender while picking out several different types of cannabis flower that each boast unique terpene profiles.

Step 2 – Bring your purchase home and then transfer all of the nugs into smell-proof jars or containers.

Step 3 – Fill an extra jar with your favourite kind of coffee grounds. This jar will act as a palette cleanser to clear your nose between samplings.

Step 4 – Roll one of each of the nugs into a joint, and then place it back into the jar with the remaining cannabis flower.

Step 5 – Line all of the jars up on a table in front of you, but open only one that contains cannabis.

Step 6 – Take a deep inhalation while holding your nose just above or inside of the jar, and then think about the smell and its many properties.

Step 7 – Retrieve the joint from that same open jar, and then take a dry haul or two off it. Just enough to taste the herb and familiarize yourself with its flavour.

Step 8 – Seal up that jar and move to the one filled with coffee grounds. Now take a few sniffs, as many as it takes to remove any residual scents from the last batch of cannabis.

Step 9 – Move on to the next jar, making the same motions beginning with a few deep inhales and then a dry haul from the joint.

Step 10 – Continue doing this with each jar separated by small breaks to clear the palette with coffee grounds until you’ve warmed up to all of the terpene profiles in your possession.

Step 11 – Continue with this ritual at minimum once each day, but preferably multiple times while familiarizing yourself with the terpenes that are prominent in all of them.

By the time you’re done, you should be able to detect those same terpenes in other strains. Of course, this might take weeks or even months of practice to perfect, but with time and dedication, every consumer can be a cannabis aroma expert.

All the delightful aromas that can be found within cannabis


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