Bubblers - What they are and how they are used

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:04 p.m. ET

Hearing the word bubbler likely recalls those giant bubble machines that we all loved as kids (Who are we kidding we still love bubbles!). Unfortunately, this kind of bubbler isn’t going to produce airborne bubbles but using one will involve lots of bubble making that can be entertaining to watch while performing a useful function when smoking weed. So, if we aren’t taking kids toys then what is a bubbler? A bubbler is a tool used when smoking dried cannabis that is designed differently than a bong and has no removable bowl.

Bubbler vs bong- When using a bong, the user must remove the bowl to take a full hit. A bubbler will have a small hole called a “shottie” that the user will cover when lighting and then uncover to release the smoke when inhaling. A bubbler is also usually smaller than a bong and cannot be taken apart to clean.

Bubbler vs pipe- A bubbler functions on a similar level as a pipe only it requires water to filter the smoke before it is inhaled.

How to use a bubbler

  1. If the bubbler has a shottie or carb than you will need to cover that hole with a finger an put your mouth against the mouthpiece.
  2. Light your bowl using a heating element.
  3. Once the dried herb is lit, you can begin to inhale. When you think that the hit is big enough, you can release the shottie which will force the chamber in the bubbler to clear. If you need to take a breather between the initial inhaling and taking in the released the smoke from the bubbler chamber you can leave the carb covered while you exhale and take a breath.

Where to buy A bubbler

Bubblers are sometimes found in small variety stores, but most frequently carried by more extensive weed accessory shops which can be found with storefronts but are also available online. Since choosing a high-quality bubbler can be a little confusing with all the different options out there. Here we will feature three different bubblers that are currently available online to give you some ideas and help to get you started.


Cool weed bubblers

  1. Martian Glass Bubbler
    Cost: $22.95
    From www.everyonedoesit.ca, this five-star Martian Glass bubbler is simple to use, efficient, and relatively easy to clean. It is designed by MJ Arsenal to be spill proof and powerful. The MB stands a mere six centimeters tall making it pocket-sized and easy to transport. If purchased through the available link you will also receive a free grinder card with a matching design for your piece.

  2. Arcline
    Cost: $329
    The Arcline is designed and produced by GRAV Water Pipe and distributed for sale through various vendors like The THC Toronto And Hemp Company. You can purchase your own online by visiting www.torontohemp.com. This one huge and stands six inches tall with additional features such as a 28mm tube with an affixed downstem and a 14mm wide bowl which makes it perfect for larger smoking circles. While the Arcline may be difficult to clean, it is the Mercedes of the bubbler world and offers an experience to match its price point.

  3. Marley Natural Smoke Bubbler
    Cost: $139.99
    The most famous and elegant looking piece on this list. The Marley Smoke Bubbler has a stainless-steel shell and is marked with a gold lion. This bubbler comes already gift boxed and features an extra wide bowl, long mouthpiece, shatter-resistant glass, a window to view and measure water levels, and is an official Bob Marley Brand stoner accessory. Also sold by www.everyonedoesit.ca, this one is perfect as a collectible or as an incredibly efficient and smooth smoking tool.

Bubblers in generally will be smaller with less moving parts and are generally more expensive than your average pipe or bong. Its unique design allows for a smooth hit that is cooled by the water contained within. For the best experience, it is recommended to maintain your bubbler by cleaning it regularly and replacing the water each time it gets used since they are notoriously difficult to clean once gunked up. Cold water is preferred and helps to maximize the cool sensation. Whether you decide to spring for the Mercedes or must make do with something a little less fancy, all bubblers will produce virtually the same effect and are a neat experience for any stoner who enjoys using glass.



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