Benefits of using a microscope on marijuana plants

Published Jun 14, 2019 10:09 a.m. ET
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Caring for one's marijuana plants can be compared to caring for a baby. Both require certain tools to help throughout the process of growth and maturity. One of the tools essential to the growth process of cannabis is a microscope. You might be wondering how you can use a microscope on marijuana plants, well a weed plant can be viewed with your eyes or with a microscope. It is preferable to use a microscope lens to increase your level of accuracy. Microscopes are not just helpful for your weed plants to see when they are ready for harvesting, but they are also helpful in detecting pests. These devices are a cheap and easy way to keep your plant in check, thereby preventing infestation.

A microscope is quite easy to use. All you need to do is hold the microscope in your hand. Then point it at a marijuana leaf and focus on it to have a clear view of the trichomes. A handheldmicroscope has a built-in light that helps to brighten the leaf and allows clearer viewing (ideal for use indoors or at night as well). The handheld digital microscope is a favorite among trichome inspectors, and they are not expensive.

There are many different types of microscopes. Some are more advanced in their functions. A prime example is an electron microscope that can detect traces of pesticides. However, these are not tools usually used by a newcomer, small growers or even consumers.

A crucial time of decision making for a grower of cannabis is harvesting. There is always the question, when should I begin harvesting? Do the plants look ready? Any grower of cannabis can maximize the benefit of using a microscope. It helps to ascertainthe right period to harvest. A THC Microscope is any microscope you can use to look at tiny details of a cannabis plant. It can help you view small trichomes on the cannabis plants. They are situated onto the flowers of the plant. Evaluation is a key part of the growing process. You need to evaluate whether the floweris at the stage for reaping. You might as well have the best equipment to get the job done. It makes sense over trying to use your eyes. A high-quality microscope may even help you to identify the type of weed strain better.


Even a non-grower of cannabis may find a microscope useful when checking to see if the plant is high quality before buying it. There is only so much the human eye can see. The microscope may even save such a person from wasting their money on weed that lacks quality.

Additionally, there are other benefits of using a microscope. It can be used to inspect cannabis flowers that have been cut to see if there is any residue from a parasite or if mold is on them. Also, it is essentialto inspect the weed’s leaf with a microscope before trichomes appear. It allows you, the grower to prevent the spread of diseases or infestation in your plants.

Many growers of cannabis may tell you that finding trichomes in abundance on their plant is a good thing. Trichomes contain terpenes that can defend the plant from unfortunate side effects. These trichomes also contain cannabinoids that are quite beneficial to people.

Ultimately it is highly recommended that you use a microscope to view your crop of cannabis because it can very well save your crop, time and money.

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