Are CBD products worth it?

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:19 p.m. ET

What is CBD?

 On October 17, 2018, legalization of marijuana came to all of Canada. Unfortunately, with legalization, also came some scams. These scams are often associated with a component of cannabis called Cannabidiol or CBD. This cannabinoid is derived from the sativa strain of cannabis plants.  The trouble is industrial marijuana plants, grown for hemp and without THC, are being confused with the CBD derived from recreational grown, THC rich marijuana plants.

CBD effects

Industrial marijuana plants do not have THC; they are however rich in CBD. THC is needed to enable CBD to be fully beneficial. At least, this is the belief of ardent marijuana advocates. THC is also the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana; it is the cannabinoid often credited for giving users a “high.” CBD  has been linked to pain relief, reduction of anxiety and depression, anti-inflammation of skin and several other potential medicinal benefits. It really is an amazing chemical. When discussing the benefits of CBD, the initial question should be, is it hemp CBD or marijuana CBD?

Be careful, read your labels and keep in mind the difference between CBD and THC

Make sure that you are getting what you ask for; I can't state it enough, read the labels.  It is essential that the distributor's name is on the label, you can use this info for doing research on the company. Serving size and dosage is important too, but here comes the most crucial part is that the amounts of CBD and THC are disclosed.

Another thing to monitor is the type of extraction used for the product. Olive oil extraction will produce a low yield and is very perishable. The Solvent method can cause side effects and is usually flammable; there is also the dry ice method, which has a higher yield but is lower on the quality end.  


CBD products

When purchasing your products always buy from a company whose products have had 3rd party testing. I know that checking out all these things can be a pain in the neck but it is important in order to keep you healthy, so take the time and do your research.

There are so many CBD and hemp products out there for you to enjoy.  Let's take a look at a few. A great one to start the morning is hemp oil infused coffees. These coffees are becoming a trendy way to start the day alert, yet relaxed. This java will also aid with minor inflammation or pain. The vape pen is  an even more popular product. You might also like the CBD vaporizer. Let's talk about the delicious chocolate bars that are out there for your enjoyment. These bars will keep you going and give you a lift, which is a nice little treat. If your go-to treat is gummies, CBD gummies are available for you as a before bed treat. Some can contain melatonin. These will surely give you a great night sleep. If you're looking for lotions, well, there are too many to mention; some have fantastic aromas and pain relieving qualities though, so be sure to check them out.

After a long day at work, a soothing bath with A CBD infused bath bomb works wonders. These pretty bath bombs usually have fresh herbs, and essential oils infused in them also.

Let’s not forget our furry friends. There are many great CBD tinctures for your pets, many also come infused with omega-3 fatty acids to keep their coats shiny. These amazing organic products can calm your nervous pet when going to the groomer. This will make a much more enjoyable task for the dog and the groomer. As well they can do wonders for your pets overall anxiety level, help with your pet’s itchiness and a host of other medical uses.

Just remember there are lots more products out there. Do your research, find what's best for you and enjoy!



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