Are all cannabis seeds the same?

Published Nov 23, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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Some consumers think that growing weed is as simple as shoving cannabis seeds into the soil and awaiting the final results, but the truth is that there is a lot more to it than that, and it is important to know because the marijuana seeds that you choose will ultimately influence the quality of your crop. We touched not too long ago on how all weed strains are different, and the same holds true with cannabis seeds.

How are some marijuana seeds different?

Cannabis seeds come in a few different varieties with the lowest quality and often cheapest option being regular everyday seeds. The second two take skill to create, and they are auto-flowering and feminized. While auto-flowering technically pertains to the strain rather than the seed, if you are looking at marijuana seeds for sale, then it is important to know what they are so you can decide whether or not they are worth the price difference.

Regular cannabis seeds

These pot seeds are the lowest quality option on the market today, and that is because they only offer a 50% chance of obtaining a female. Since you need a female plant to obtain the glorious and powerful buds, that means that 50% of the seeds you get this way won’t be much good for anything.

Feminized marijuana seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are generally created by skilled cultivators, and they always guarantee that the resulting seedling will be a female, which is why they are one of the most preferred options among growers.

Auto-flowering seeds

Auto-flowering weed strains and their seeds promise an incredibly short growing period that finished completely in 90 days. Since most cannabis seeds take 120 days from start to finish, this extra feature can help to speed up the process for the grower.


What to look for in cannabis seeds

Now that you know about the different kinds, it is important to learn about what to look for in cannabis seeds that you are hoping to purchase. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks that can help you along on this exciting adventure.

  • Old seeds may appear lighter in color, and their shells are typically hardened by age, so these are not cannabis seeds that you want to waste your time with.

  • Fully matured marijuana seeds will generally boast deep dark hues and lines that look fresh and green. These are excellent seeds, and exactly what you want to be growing.

  • Cracked, smooshed, or split cannabis seeds are damaged far beyond repair, and most likely will not sprout, so avoid these problems whenever possible.

Where to find marijuana seeds for sale

Since legalization is still relatively young in Canada, there are only a handful of legal retailers that offer high-quality cannabis seeds. Some of the best and most recommended sources, such as King Seeds might be well known, but their offer is completely illegal. For the safest place to buy legal marijuana seeds, you are going to want to head over to your local seed bank or licensed cannabis dispensary. Both of which can provide helpful information on how to grow and point you towards cannabis seeds that will offer the benefits that you need.

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