Anthony Sullivan documents hemp journey for TV

Published Apr 12, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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So, what does OxiClean have to do with hemp? Is it a means to keep your hemp clean? Let’s look at the relationship between the two further. Anthony Sullivan, the TV pitchman plans on taking a hemp journey and he wants us to follow his adventure as he documents it through a TV series. Mr. Sullivan and his company Sullivan Productions is the voice of OxiClean.

Visions of hemp

Anthony and his partner Dave Christian decided to embark on the green road to success. Together they purchased a 116-acre farm. Vermont had the perfect rolling hills that could give birth to the dream of owning and operating a successful hemp farm. The dream has a name; MONTKUSH, and the journey began in 2019 to grow organic hemp specifically to harvest CBD.


Anthony Sullivan has a daughter who is living with a rare genetic disorder. Treatment for the disorder as prescribed by the medical doctors included anti-seizure medicine. At a young age, his daughter was suffering from the side effects of this medication. The medication was systematically robbing her of her bubbly outgoing personality.

Their research was conducted to find better ways of helping their daughter, and after looking for alternative measures to help Devon, the family came upon CBD and its documented benefits for helping people, especially children, live with much fewer seizures in their life.

Some studies saw children getting their social lives back as plant-based medicine was working.  Hemp seeds through the oil they produce, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, were able to shine a light for a brighter future. For Devon, her life was changing, her seizures were calmed considerably, and CBD assisted her in avoiding the sleepless nights that had plagued her for many years. Eventually, Devon was weaned of the pharmaceutical drugs and has since maintained a healthy life by ingesting CBD daily.


How to provide for your daughter

Anthony had an “aha” moment while visiting his friend's hemp farm in 2018. It came to his mind that this is what his daughter needed. This was how he could protect and provide for his daughter. The green fields he saw and drove through could be the answer to all of his dreams. By becoming a hemp farmer, he could make his own CBD for his daughter and others that need plant-based medicine.

Documenting the “Green Journey”

To produce this enlightening and educational TV show, the filming cast and crew moved into the farm with Anthony and Dave to document the journey.  The investment of millions has been recorded on film. The purchasing of equipment, converting buildings to house the drying process, and storage facilities are all well documented. With help from five other farmers, 75,000 hemp plants producing hemp seeds were successfully harvested in 2019.

So, as the Oxiclean man is shifting his sights onto the green market, he hopes his endeavors will be educational, and he looks forward to seeing his show help to disperse the unknown about CBD and its benefits in the health field. The two investors are ready to show their audience what it is like for two inexperienced people to become productive hemp farmers. Living the farm life, growing hemp, and building a brand is the message and the meaning behind the intended tv series, which will be airing soon.

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