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Amazing weed accessories that every bonafide stoner needs

Published Apr 29, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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Every year the tools and accessories that make it to the green market get better, stronger, more precise, and technology driven. It’s an interesting thing to be part of but having access to so many choices can also make it hard to decide which one to get. Luckily, you’ve got us who’ve done all of the research to uncover these five highly recommended cannabis accessories and tools that we believe every committed consumer should have.

1. Cvault by Boveda

Cost: $24.99-$419

The Boveda Cvault is an incredible weed storage solution that takes care of virtually all of the typical issues that might arise while your buds are stored away. Humidity is easy to control with simple to use packs, and the seal on these things makes them impenetrable by water or any other elements that could contaminate your stash. It’s also perfect for literally every type of cannabis consumer because you can order it in several different sizes that range from a small, which is enough to comfortably hold a quarter (7grams) of weed, up to 50 liters which are ideal for large scale cannabis processors.

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2. Cookies X Gravity Hookah by Stündenglass

Cost: $599.95

The Cookies X Gravity Hookah is the latest and greatest design from the globally renowned ganja masters Stündenglass. This high-quality glass provides one of the most luxurious gravity-driven cannabis experiences with a simple flip, and it’s beautiful to watch in action. The Cookies X Gravity is so high class that you can even buy a perfect fitting wall mount to secure it so that it doesn’t get knocked over while in or out of use. How fantastic is that? Of course, it is the highest-priced addition on this list. Still raving reviews say that every stoner should have or, in the very least, try one out.

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3. Easy Butter Maker by Easy Butter Co

Cost: $49.95

Most cannabis consumers will at some point become interested in the idea of experimenting with edibles, but paying retail prices for mediocre products is disappointing for those with a more established tolerance, and that’s where Easy Butter Maker comes in. This device can turn your regular stick of butter or cup of oil into an infused dream in under 10 minutes with a sprinkling of herb! Cannabutter and cannaoil are the best bases for most edibles dishes that you could ever imagine, so once you have one of these, all you’ll need is a few recipes, and you’ll be ready to become a knowledgeable chef.

Holiday Cannabis Cooking Conference

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4. Large 4-piece Herb Grinder by Kozo

Cost: $16.95

Kozo made some incredible improvements to its last great design, and now the brand offers a large 4inch grinder that is perfectly suited to consumers of all types. Whether you’re a toker just on the weekends, or a full-time hardcore enthusiast, a Kozo will last through many years of thoroughly satisfying sessions while providing a smooth manual experience that is really easy to use. Its design makes it so that the device rips apart even the densest buds with minimal pressure or effort, and it conveniently separates freshly harvested kief for you too!

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5. Stainless Steel Multi-Utility Dabbing Tool by RYOT

Cost: $48.99

Dabbing tools might not seem like the best gift, be it to yourself or for a friend, but that’s probably only because you don’t realize how versatile they can be. Dab tools can work for dabbing as well as other things such as scraping out a resinous bowl or stirring up fresh ground flower that’s been suffocated by ash. This model, in particular, stands out above the rest because it combines 5 unique shapes and sizes, which are more options than most dab kits have to offer.

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Holiday Cannabis Cooking Conference


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