All the different ways to smoke weed

Published Jan 29, 2019 03:16 p.m. ET

Once upon a time, most folks used papers, tobacco pipes, or homemade bongs to smoke pot. Weed smoking devices nowadays come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors offering a wide range of experiences that are easily accessible by anyone of legal age. With some newer methods of smoking being a bit more complicated, it helps to understand what each device is, how they all function, and what kind of benefits you could be receiving or losing out on by choosing one.

Every way to smoke weed and weed smoking devices

Joints and other rolling methods - Joints, blunts, doobies and any other way to smoke pot that requires some sort of rolling paper fits into this category. When using any rolling method dried cannabis is ground up and then rolled up into a paper. Sometimes a filter is added before it is lit. The user inhales through one end with the dried herb burning at the other. The benefit of choosing joints is usually the social aspect. Joints if rolled properly can burn for a very long time and are easily passed around among a group of friends. Papers are cheap, easy to access, and disposable making them the most preferred method of consuming dried marijuana. The drawbacks are that there is a lot of “wasted” weed. As a joint burns, it fills the air with a whole bunch of smoke that never gets fully utilized, and the paper quite often adds a taste that can negatively affect the flavor and smell of the bud. Blunts have the additional nicotine content because of the tobacco leaves which can also have adverse health consequences.

Bongs - Bongs are generally made of either glass, plastic, ceramic, bamboo, or metal and come in several different designs.

  1. A Carburetor bong has the addition of a carb hole in the center. It allows for a stronger more condensed hit when the carb is released.

  2. A Straight Tube bong is the most basic and is made of a tube that is sealed at one end and has a bowl with a stem on the side.

  3. A Beaker Shaped bong is almost the same as the straight tube bong except this one has a flared end. Beaker bongs are the most stable kind of bong because of the large base and low center of gravity.

  4. A Round Base bong has a circular base that is much wider than the tube but designed similarly to the tube and beaker bong.

  5. A Multi-Chamber bong is a bit more complicated with two chambers in the straight tube. Both chambers can hold water which will filter smoke twice before it is inhaled. Multi-Chamber Bongs tend to be more expensive and nearly impossible to clean.

  6. Percolator bongs can be a variation of all the above with the difference being an added percolator. A percolator is a small piece of glass that essentially waters down the smoke as it goes through the water chamber which creates bubbles as it travels.

  7. Gravity bongs use the vacuum that water creates when it leaves the chamber. Gravity bongs require all the water to be emptied from the chamber to pull the smoke inside, making it readily available for the user.

Hand pipes - Pipes are most commonly made of glass, wood, metal, or plastic and are designed to comfortably rest in the palm of a person’s hand. Some can be taken apart while others are single pieces. Hand pipes can either have no holes outside of the bowl and mouthpiece, or they can have a small carb in the side to be controlled by the user covering and uncovering it. All pipes function on the same principals, using the force of the user’s lungs when inhaling to pull the smoke down to the mouthpiece to be taken. If there is a carb than the carb should remain covered until just before the user is finished inhaling which will release a large cloud of trapped smoke directly into the mouthpiece. The drawback to using pipes is that some of the materials they are made from can negatively affect the taste and smell.

Water pipes - A water pipe draws the smoke through a chamber full of water to cool it which can give a smoother hit then a regular hand pipe. It is also designed to fit in a user’s palm. The difference being an additional chamber located under the bowl that is filled with water as a filter for the smoke. The downside of these is similar to those of other pipes with the difference being water pipes are most frequently made of glass and don't come apart making them easy to break and difficult to clean properly.

Dabbing Rigs - Dabbing can technically be done using any device. Dabbing is using a heated metal or glass element to instantly vaporize the dried herb. A dabbing rig is a bit more advanced in its design and is more focused on those using concentrates than those who use dried cannabis. It features a wide shallow bowl with a very small hole or holes. When the marijuana is hit with the heating element, the smoke travels through the center of the rig which will have anywhere from one to four chambers all filled with water as an advanced sort of filtration system. The most significant downfall of dabbing rigs is their inability to be adequately cleaned and their large bulky size making them difficult to travel with.

Vaporizers - Vaporizers are one of the most discreet smoking devices available today. They use a hot coil to burn the cannabis and feature a push-button start. Vapes are portable, easily come apart with interchangeable parts, and keep everything contained within a cylindrical unit that can fit neatly into a pocket while on the go. Vaping is the healthiest way to smoke weed since it is instantly vaporized without the use of fuel filled lighters or cartridges. The drawback of vapes is the cost and the frequency in which parts fail even when taken care of. Since there are electronic parts and a battery involved it can be a costly endeavor when first starting out to get one of a decent quality.

Creative Ways to Smoke Weed

Now that we have covered all the traditional store sold weed paraphernalia it’s time to include more creative ways to smoke weed. You can smoke weed using a DIY pipe or bong made of fruit, containers you have lying around, just about anything can be made into a smoking device if you think long enough. All that is required to create your own smoking device is a bowl, a chamber for the smoke to travel to, and a mouthpiece that has a good draw. From Apple Pipes to Banana Bongs, the options really are limitless.  


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