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Published May 24, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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What is cannabis? This is a question that many consumers have trouble with answering because there is no one right response. Cannabis has many different uses while playing some pretty integral roles within our society. Though it would be impossible to list every single one of them, there are five things that cannabis is to those who use it, and here, we’re going to delve into each of them with a friendly and clear explanation to clear up any confusion surrounding why that is.

1. Cannabis is a recreational substance

Cannabis had many uses, but first and foremost, it always has and always will be a great recreational drug for consumers who seek something that is both safe and effective. You can have a whole lot of euphoric fun or a milder buzz to get the evening going, which makes it perfect for virtually any activity you can think of. Whether it’s with a large group of friends bonging over a session or an individual who’s bored and in need of a pick-me-up, cannabis can do all that and more for recreational consumers.

2. Cannabis is a medicine

Cannabis might be most popular due to its various purposes as a recreational drug. However, it’s the medical qualities of the plant that really drove its legalization on such a grand scale. It can help to calm debilitating migraines, soothe achy and pain-filled joints, and relieve many symptoms that can degrade a person's quality of life, such as nausea or inflammation. Though medicinal cannabis certainly doesn’t work for everyone, some studies have shown it to be more effective than traditional pharmaceutical treatments for several different medical conditions and that’s pretty fantastic.

3. Cannabis is a wellness product

This amazing plant can help to heal all different types of symptoms while managing a variety of medical conditions, but you might be surprised to learn that most don’t use it specifically as a medicine or recreational drug and instead dapple in the green for its overwhelming benefits as a wellness product. Cannabis is filled with hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes, many of which can help with everyday things like motivation, stress, focus, and overall mood. Though the majority who utilize cannabis this way doesn’t call it medicine, they know that it makes them feel better as they navigate through the day-to-day struggles of everyday life.

4. Cannabis is a plant

Cannabis is an incredibly beneficial plant that can be cultivated by both professionals and beginners, making it a great hobby for anyone with a green thumb. You don’t even have to enjoy using cannabis to become thoroughly enthralled with the art of growing a tropical beauty like this. Though it’s hard work to do it right, cannabis plants can make an excellent addition of greenery to any garden both indoors and outdoors, assuming the environment provides the appropriate climate, and it can grow just about anywhere where there’s summer, so it’s suitable for cultivators all around the world to enjoy.

5. Cannabis is highly misunderstood

Cannabis is a lot of things, from a useful and effective medicine to a completely safe recreational choice and a broadly accepted wellness product. Still, despite all the evidence we have today, it’s also highly misunderstood. Some people believe a little too much in the old-fashioned stoner stereotypes that assume all cannabis consumers are somehow lazy, unmotivated, and completely inebriated souls while others are out there giving it too much credit with outrageous claims, such as curing cancer. Sadly, the sheer amount of misinformation in circulation heavily impacts all that cannabis can be for both consumers and society as a whole, and this is one thing that needs to change if we want to see a better, more tolerant and understanding future for green businesses.

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