All of the most common cannabis effects

Published Jun 19, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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Most people know that using cannabis can get you high, as the euphoric nature of the plant is its most popular feature, but it can do so much more than that. In fact, now that the plant is legal and scientific research is revealing some of the lesser-known positive cannabis effects, more people than ever before are using it for something other than getting stoned.

How is this possible?

Cannabis plants produce hundreds of different natural elements like terpenes, cannabinoids, and oils that are jam-packed full of nutrients that our bodies need. With over 3,000 different strains in existence and each one with its own unique chemical profile, there are numerous different benefits and effects that a person can harness by using cannabis.

How it’s used also holds a great deal of importance, as many of the naturally psychedelic cannabis effects come from the cannabinoid THC, something that only exists as a precursor THCA until the plant materials are exposed to just the right amount of heat. What that means is that consumers can use a cannabis plant in just the right way, so that even if it’s of the most potent varieties, it won’t get them high.

Cannabis effects

Some cannabis effects are obviously felt, whereas others are less subtle but still very much real, but all of these things can be caused, stimulated, or helped through the use of pot products.

1. Euphoria

This stereotypical euphoric sensation often induced by cannabis can only happen after decarboxylation has occurred, which means that the plant materials have been heated to activate the cannabinoid THC.

2. A boost of energy

CBD is one cannabinoid that is often found in cannabis products, and it can offer an incredible boost of energy without a bit of the stereotypical high. Most utilize this benefit through orally administered oils or edibles, and the reason behind it is rarely recreational.

3. Hunger

Both THC and CBD can help to stimulate or regulate hunger, and this is the most useful of all cannabis effects for those who struggle to get an appetite. CBD can also help to regulate cravings for anyone who is struggling to lose weight, without any risk of getting high.

4. Motivation

Though some cannabis strains are heavy and sedating, there are just as many that can help to keep you motivated throughout the day. This is mainly due to an ideal combination of both THC and CBD alongside invigorating terpenes, but some manage to achieve this effect with any one of these mentioned elements alone.

5. Creativity

We aren’t entirely sure why this is, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that cannabis is great for getting the creative juices going in both large and small amounts.

6. Pain relief

Millions of people around the globe use cannabis for pain, but they don’t all commit to the same type of treatment. Some use CBD alone to reduce inflammation and keep a clear head, while others need slightly more intense cannabis effects, relying on the powerful numbing abilities of the euphoric activated THC.

7. Protein boost

Cannabis plants might not be known for the edible nature, because chewing on a bud isn’t exactly an appetizing thought, but in its purest form, cannabis can be an excellent source of fiber. Some users juice it, and others grind up fresh buds into delicious smoothies, but no matter how it’s eaten, as long as it’s not baked, it will do nothing but make you feel good and full.

8. System regulation

Those who are seeking pure health benefits without any of the funny business that goes along with getting high are often hoping to regulate themselves in one way or another. Be it appetite, mood, energy levels, or blood pressure, CBD can often assist with getting the problem under control.

9. Confidence

This might sound like one of the stranger cannabis effects, but the truth is that it’s probably one of the most widely used on this list. A small dose of either THC or CBD can help to soothe anxious nerves, and depressing or stressful thoughts, which can help a user to feel more confident.

10. Sedation

THC is the best cannabinoid for this task, as it can lull you into a deep slumber that is perfect if you’re struggling to get good quality sleep or to pass the time while you’re healing, and it can also help you to relax if you’re stressed out.

There may be so much still to discover

If you think all of that is amazing, then you’ll be excited to hear that we’re not finished yet, as some experts are working towards solutions that are far beyond instant feelings or sensations. Some believe that cannabis could be the answer in our fight against superbugs, antibiotic-resistant viruses that are a threat to all of humanity, and many feel that it could even have the potential to replace most of the pharmaceuticals that we rely on today.

No matter what your reason is for loving cannabis, it’s incredible to ponder the many reasons why humans will be using it in the future because we still have yet to completely decipher all cannabis effects and what they can do for us.

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