All about the marijuana terpene Geraniol

Published Nov 24, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET
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The cannabis industry is budding, wide open, and ready for challenges. Some feel that smoking weed is such an old-time method because the cannabis plant has many parts that don’t restrict its use to smoking that involves bongs or papers. Edibles are quickly becoming a hot commodity in the cannabis space, and people want the taste of them to be delicious.

The sweet, smelling terpene Geraniol is found in many varieties of cannabis flowers, and it can also located in bees. The bees use this aroma to mark their territories. The floral citrus and sweet scents are aromatic and permeate the air, leaving a lingering trail in their wake.

What is a marijuana terpene?

So, what exactly is a terpene, and how does it play a role in the cannabis space? Research is now suggesting that these aromatic compounds play critical roles in the characteristics and effects of the different cannabis strains in addition to biological functions.

Some exciting tips on how to use terpenes

  • Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to help in the healing of the mind and body. Terpenes, when added to your oil diffuser, provide beautiful scents without the annoying burning bud smell.
  • Cannabis cocktails are great and have mixologists around the world joining in on the terpene movement. The mixologist adds terpenes for flavor, to their signature cocktails.
  • Massage Oils are a great way to enjoy the terpene. Adding a few drops to your massage oil can enhance the medicinal healing effects of your massage. The combination of terpenes and the massage will release the built-up energy in your muscles.
  • Concentrates with the addition of a drop of a particular terpene will add a bonus flavour to your vapor.
  • Joints are very enjoyable when you add a microdose of a terpene to the end of your filter. You will be amazed at the flavour your joint will now deliver to you. Remember to put the terpene at the end of the joint, and not where your lips are to avoid skin irritation.
  • Cooking is another way oh how to use terpenes. Nothing is sweeter than a morning cup of Java with an added drop of a deliciously flavorful terpene.

Other helpful information

  • Currently, there are over 200 different terpenes that can be found in the different weed strains that are available.
  • The terpene Geraniol is a colourless flavorful oil. This oil occurs naturally in geraniums, hence the name given to this terpene.
  • The terpene Geraniol has similar qualities as most terpenes; it has terrific, potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
  • Various scientific studies support this terpene for a variety of different therapeutic needs.

Some cannabis strains that are rich in Geraniol

1. Amnesia
A typical Sativa-dominant cannabis strain perfect for elevating mood. Enjoy the minty, peppery flavours.

2. Skunk
This is an Indica-dominant strain with extreme skunk odors.

3. Haze
A perfect up-lifting, sometimes called racy effect, is part of the profile for this lemon and spice flavoured strain.
Studies are ongoing with this terpene and all terpenes in general, but studies so far are indicating that the therapeutic value of terpenes may be as effective as the two main active cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, CBD & THC.

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