All about the cannabis terpene Eucalyptol

Published Oct 21, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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What are terpenes?

Cannabis has many unusual compounds, with THC and CBD being the most popular and well known among them. Another vital compound are the terpenes, one of which is the terpene Eucalyptol. Today terpenes is the new buzzword for consumers in the cannabis industry. These chemicals play an intricate part of the role of how you will experience cannabis.

Many scientists studies have contributed to finding the synergistic effects that cannabinoids in cannabis have, and the combination of terpenes and cannabinoids have fantastic healing power. An important terpene in medical cannabis today is Eucalyptol, and its uses are numerous in the medical field, as it can treat an array of medical issues. Primarily, Eucaluptol is suitable for the treatment of inflammation and pain, and it is not uncommon for Eucalyptol, (aka Cineol,) to be used as an insecticide or an anti-fungal.

Where to find Eucalyptol

Eucalyptus is not exclusive to the cannabis plant, and you will find this fantastic terpene in Eucalyptus oil, mugwort, and tea tree oil.

The benefits of Eucalyptol

  1. Studies in 2000 saw the effects of these terpenes to act as a potential anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent. Consequently, the earliest studies proved that Eucalyptol is beneficial in the treatment of rhinosinusitis and colitis, and later research demonstrated the benefits of this terpene in the treatment of pancreatitis.

  2. When you use the terpene Eucalyptol you will have the benefit of an earthy, minty, and spicy aroma and flavor. With this terpene, you can also enjoy less subtle effects as it acts as an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant, and an excellent pain reliever.

  3. Many people use Eucalyptol as an aid to help treat pain, inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, and asthma concerns.

  4. Cineole has traditionally been used to improve alertness and memory, and studies indicate that people living with Alzheimer’s disease may benefit from the use of this terpene.

  5. This terpene can aid in the reduction of human leukemia cells and can help to treat colon cancer. The terpene, however, was not useful in studies on it’s potential to reduce stomach cancer cells.

  • Research indicates that plants that have an abundance of Cineole can effectively help in the treatment of E. coli and Staphylococcus.

  • Aromatherapy and the nervous system

    There is a subtle effect found when terpenes are used on their own, and the result is noticed most in the human nervous system. Aromatherapy today is based on the principle of inhaling the aroma repetitively as it provides positive and stimulating effects on the nervous system in a  very gentle manner. That is why in the old days, Eucalyptol was often prescribed as a pharmaceutical compound for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Moving forward, studies today are showing a promising treatment for debilitating conditions like a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease using aromatherapy and terpenes.

    Strains that have high levels of  Eucalyptol (Cineole)

    1. Bubba Kush

    • 100% Indica
    • The potent and relaxing body high
    • Couch lock effects
    • Nighttime use
    • Helps alleviate depression, stress, and insomnia

    2. Super Silver Haze

    • The energetic and long-lasting body high
    • Great for battling stress
    • Great appetite stimulant
    • Helps with nausea

    3. Headband

    • 60% Indica dominant
    • Strong blend of cerebral effects.
    • Creativity increased
    • May hinder productivity due to the spaciness effects
    • Great for chronic pain and anxiety

    4. Girl Scout Cookies

    • 40-60 Indica dominant hybrid
    • Happy, euphoric high, leading to a perfect couch-lock experience
    • Great for controlling stress, depression, and appetite disorders
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