All about the Cannabis Council of Canada

Published Nov 1, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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Canada’s licensed cannabis producers have a nationwide organization to provide support when it’s needed most. The organization falls under Health Canada's Cannabis Act, and it is called the Cannabis Council of Canada, "C3" or "Cannabis Canada."The Cannabis Council of Canada is proud to be assisting for a second year, as marijuana legalization on necessitated it’s forming on October 17, 2018.

What they do

One of the principal purposes of this organization is to provide a voice for the members to promote industry standards. The Cannabis Council of Canada helps by supporting developments, growth, and the integrity of the regulated marijuana industry. This organization provides important resource information that focuses on the safe and responsible use of cannabis and select cannabinoids for both medical and recreational purposes.

The Cannabis Council of Canada strongly believes that all Canadians deserve access to controlled, quality cannabis, which is quality tested and regulated to some of the highest standards in the world. The Cannabis Council of Canada is active in its efforts to keep cannabis out of the hands of minors while maintaining an active role in the on-going battle of eliminating organized crime from the marijuana economy. The Cannabis Council of Canada creates cannabis jobs in the industry and provides opportunities for Canadians and communities across the country.

Reports and surveys

A report from Statistics Canada released in August 2019 showed that cannabis jobs have nearly doubled and that there is now an estimated 9200 people working in the industry. There is also mention of the hundreds of jobs from the supply chain the cannabis industry helps to support.

Last year alone, the Canadian cannabis industry's contribution to the gross domestic product was $8.26 billion, and foreign direct investments have since attracted an additional $6 billion.

Recent public opinion polls that have been implemented on behalf of the Cannabis Council of Canada, strongly indicate that approximately 73% of all Canadians today support marijuana legalization.


The Canadian Council of Canada acknowledges that the cannabis industry is thriving, and the Canadian Council of Canada is ready and excited to be part of the future growth and leadership of the budding industry. The 3C's are poised and prepared for the new growth that is expected in the coming months and years.

The council has a responsibility to ensure that Canada's cannabis producers continue to follow some of the strictest regulations and work with the government to help generate economic benefits for the areas and communities where they operate. Cannabis jobs are a large part of this organizations responsibility.

Trust is an essential component of the Cannabis Council of Canada, which is why they promote the ideals of a trusted, innovative, and sustainable cannabis industry. They are supporting the economic benefits of communities involved in the new legal cannabis emerging businesses.

A firm belief in delivering trusted, consistent, reliable, recreational and medical products for the adult Canadian is part of the vision this Cannabis Council of Canada supports. Regulated cannabis producers in Canada are committed to working with all levels of government to maintain the high regulatory practices that the Council supports.

Board members consist of several leading Canadian cannabis producers

  • Aphria
  • Organigram
  • HEXO Corp
  • Sundial Growers Inc
  • Tilray
  • Aurora Cannabis
  • 48North
  • Cronos Group
  • Canopy Growth Corporation
  • Supreme Cannabis Company
  • Newstrike/UP Cannabis
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