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Published May 18, 2019 11:30 a.m. ET
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In this growing cannabis industry, thanks to marijuana legalization, there are hundreds of different options for smoking recreational weed or medicinal products that are easily accessible to almost anyone in the world. The trouble is that all the different designs offer various downsides and benefits that can be difficult to ascertain from the name, especially for those with little to no experience shopping for weed accessories.  If you have never heard of recycler bongs before, then you might be thinking that the name means bongs that are either recyclable or made using repurposed materials. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Though it would be great to see more options that can be safely disposed of without hurting our environment, the term recycler or recycle bong refers to one smoking device and holds no relevance in terms of the materials that are used.

What is a recycler bong?

A recycler bong is designed to use with cannabis concentrates rather than dry flower but can also sometimes be retrofitted with additional weird accessories to accommodate both types of marijuana products. This kind of bong requires water to function a perk that will cycle the liquid and smoke through two different chambers. This allows the smoke to also travel through both sections which works an effective filter. They also sport water guards, which protects you from a mouthful of dirty bong water. They are used the same way most traditional dab rigs are, by heating the nail which raises the temperatures of the marijuana concentrate enough to create smoke that can be inhaled through a mouthpiece once it has finished cycling through several chambers.

Different types of recycler marijuana bongs

Though recycler aka recycle bongs all follow the same basic concept in their design, there are three different categories for these weed accessories. Each with its own unique and distinct differences that might affect the overall experience.

Internal recycleraka incycler bongs- Internal recyclers keep all the functioning parts within a compartment that is commonly referred to as a pop bottle shape, that sits inside of a larger chamber for protection. This kind tends to break the least since the connecting tubes aren’t sticking out or exposed.

External recyclerbongs- This design is the most common to come across in head shops or online. In one, you will see that the top chamber sits directly above the bottom with one or more tubes connecting the two. Generally, only one arm will be present that the water will travel through, but they can have anywhere from one to eight arms in total.


Klein recyclerbongs- These are the least common and most expensive of all three types of recycler bongs due to the complexity of their design. The body of a Klein bong is like an incycler with two contained chambers, but the outside will sport a large drain tunnel that will run in circles outside of the main body of the device.

Benefits of using a recycler bong

  • The bubbles will burst close to the user’s mouth which helps to retain the natural flavors of the marijuana concentrate.
  • A recycler will continuously filter the smoke, so there is no chance of particles finding their way into your mouth.
  • This design works to keep the smoke circulating which keeps it fresh.
  • Larger and much less harsh tokes.

Downsides of using a recycler marijuana bong

  • Recycler bongs are one of the most expensive manually operated smoking devices.
  • A recycler is full or various chambers and tubes which can be incredibly difficult to clean and requires proper maintenance to last long term.
  • Though they offer a high-quality experience, they are known for breaking in ways that renders them entirely useless and unfixable.
  • The size of these cannabis bongs makes them nearly impossible to travel with freely or consume discreetly.

Where to buy a recycler bong

The answer to this is going to heavily depend on your place of residence. However, almost any head shop, dispensary, and even many variety stores are now carrying at least a few onsite. If you don’t have access to a vendor of weed accessories in person, then check out the incredible variety of online head shops that will ship almost anywhere in the world. Find the website, search for this particular type by using available filters or categories, and shop to your heart's content from the comfort of your own home.

Recycler bongs are currently the hottest topic in the world of dabbers and dabbing accessories and aren’t expected to be going anywhere soon. These bongs are perfect for both recreational weed consumers as well as medical patients seeking a potent and enjoyable experience. Though they are a bit more expensive, breakable, and difficult to move about with, the benefits of this kind of bong far outweigh any of the possible downsides. They might not be for every, but they are quickly becoming the preferred design for marijuana concentrate water bongs.



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