All about reclaimed dabs

Published Jun 8, 2019 01:34 p.m. ET
Credit: u/capncrunch8383

There are so many different types of marijuana consuming devices to choose from but dabbing and vaping are the fastest spreading trends with a growing popularity that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. What many people don’t know, is that these new technologically advanced devices come with a few extra conus qualities that are rarely talked about. Likely due to the stigma that surrounds doing a similar thing with a marijuana bong, which does not provide the same results. Though we don’t recommend scraping out the insides of a water bong or weed pipe, reclaim is a little bit different, and here you will find out why.

What is a reclaimed dab?

Over time many broke stoners have found themselves scraping the resin from within their bong or weed pipe to reclaim some of the cannabinoids that might still be present within. The difference is, that a dab rig or a vaporizer does not actually burn the herb. What it does is heat the marijuana concentrates to a point where they dance across the heated platform inside of the device. As you draw through the mouthpiece, those particles are pulled up and into your lungs, but many will stick to the surfaces of the chamber on the way there. When you use a marijuana bong, the materials are burnt, and residual matter that has almost no cannabinoids like THC or CBD and is also full of carcinogenic and empty plant materials that won’t do much more than give you a headache. Reclaim, or a reclaimed dab, is a collection of the resins from inside of a dab rig or vaporizer.

How is a reclaimed dab used?

Reclaim can be used in the same way that any other cannabis extracts would be, typically by adding a bit to a bowl of a dab rig or the coils of a vaporizer and operating the device as per usual. Since the reclaim has only been heated, it will not change form, and should resemble whatever marijuana concentrates you were originally using through the device. It will also contain the same amount of THC, CBD, terpenes, and other valuable terpenes as the original product did, it’s merely moved thanks to heat and your lung power.


How to collect a reclaim dab?

Reclaim dabs can be collected fairly easily with a tool or two on hand. The best is a dabbing wand which will allow you to heat it to drop the cannabis extracts into the necessary compartment once finished. It also works well to scrape the inside of the chamber. If you do not have one, the try to find a tool that is shaped in a similar manner, or one that can be manipulated like a bobby pin.

  1. Expose the chamber that goes from the marijuana concentrate compartment to the mouthpiece by unscrewing and or removing any and all pieces possible to make this next step easier.
  2. Take a dab tool and use it to scrape the inside of the chamber when you see the most buildup of cannabis extracts.
  3. Collect enough to prepare one dab, or grab a nearby heat resistant container to put it all in.

Should you collect reclaim dabs?

Marijuana concentrates are expensive, and often more difficult to come by than regular bud products, so yes, we highly recommend that everyone utilize their dab or vape reclaim whenever possible. Is saves waste, saves money, and works just as well as the products that you are spending your hard-earned cash on. There is absolutely no reason to throw away the perfectly useable cannabis extracts when they can provide the very same results as the original product.



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