All about infused cannabis pre-rolls

Published Dec 5, 2022 02:00 p.m. ET
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With so many incredible options on the regulated market, it’s hard to know where to begin, and pre-rolls are no exception. Gone are the days when all you could find were cones filled with pure cannabis. Now, we’ve got a wide selection of combinations and infusions to complement every mood, need or scenario, and they’re called infused pre-rolls.

What are infused pre-rolls?

Infused cannabis pre-rolls are just like any other joint you can buy at your local dispensary, only instead of pure flower, makers go the extra mile to enhance the experience with other derivatives, like terpenes, or concentrates. Some types of pre-rolls might offer an infused paper lining, while others soak the grind in extracts to amp up the effects. Many brands wrap the paper in thicker concentrates like wax or honey oil before dipping them in a powdered coating of protection from the sticky mess, using kief.

Every pre-roll is unique, due to its formulation from the process of infusion to the cultivars chosen for the blend.

Why do so many consumers love them?

Infused pre-rolls offer a familiar experience for avid smokers, with an appearance similar, and in some cases, even identical to what you’d expect from any other joint on the market, only with added benefits and effects. Even with a slightly higher price point, these gems are flying off retailer's shelves, a trend that’s not likely to end anytime soon and it’s easy to see why.


All cannabis pre-rolls contain terpenes, as they’re what’s responsible for most of the aroma and taste we enthusiasts enjoy with every sesh, and they’re naturally produced by all plants no matter the strain. However, infusing a pre-roll with these powerful compounds can completely change the experience, from how it tastes and smells to how it impacts a consumer. They might not take you any higher, but they sure do elevate the delivery method, with a delightful and personalizable twist.

Cannabis concentrates

Cannabis extracts such as oil, wax, budder, distillate, shatter, kief, hash, and crystals deliver a boost in flavour much like terpenes, only pre-rolls infused with them do tend to get a lot stronger than one might expect from the average roll. With an average of 40%-99% THC content, it’s impossible to deny that added potency is a massively enticing factor in the popularity of infused cannabis pre-rolls. For this reason, they’re often marketed to experienced consumers with a high tolerance, but in moderation, they can provide an eye-opening opportunity to truly discover the strength of this plant even for new users.

A focus on other cannabinoids

Terpenes can have a profound effect on how we feel while also enhancing the flavour and smell of a roll, and cannabis concentrates are typically a great choice when you’re looking to buy the most potent pre-rolls around. However, some users are drawn to these products because they sometimes focus on other less-known cannabinoids that are more difficult to find in higher concentrations like CBG and CBN, both of which work in synergy with THC to curate a beautiful and tailored experience.

No matter which infused pre-rolls you try, they’re bound to impress, and most would agree they’re well worth the price difference.

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