Accessories that can help to make dabbing easier

Published Mar 22, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Dabbing has been around for a long time, and many people prefer the dabbing of concentrates to smoking weed. With marijuana becoming legal in more places, concentrates are becoming more accessible and even more popular. If you are just beginning to experiment with concentrates, some of the jargon that goes along with it can be somewhat intimidating.

Dabs have previously been concentrated from the herb. With a wax-like appearance, they can be different colours and consistency. Dabs are basically THC crystals that are naturally produced by the marijuana plant. They are then shaken off and melted into various forms, which is a concentrate. Because they are concentrated THC, you need just a little bit plus, concentrates are very compact and practical to carry around.

Dabbing includes everything from rigs, blowtorches, carb caps, nails, bangers, and mats, and some might be completely confused as to what the heck all that means. Luckily marijuana companies are coming up with new ways to make the whole dabbing experience much easier for consumers to understand and more user-friendly.

What is dabbing?

Dabbing is vaping or smoking of concentrates. It is a quick and easy way to which enables you to get only the best quality of the plant and the best taste, which means that you will need just small amounts. The concentrate is placed in the dab nail and heated and then inhaled by the user. This one is a favoured method of consumption by many.

What are dab rigs?

A dab rig is also known to be called an oil rig, and it is used to smoke the concentrates. These pieces are made from glass. The central part of the platform resembles a bong. The nail will need to be made from glass or ceramics that can withstand high temps as you want to use a lighter or torch to warm the concentrates.  There are several different makes on the market, varying in prices, and they come in many different forms and sizes and colours. Dab rigs can be found online or in a headshop.


The banger hanger

With very durable and dense construction, the banger hanger is compatible with concentrates and flowers. This piece is manufactured with borosilicate glass and has a lovely honey-hued colour. Its five inches tall and is preferred among dabbers, although it does not come with accessories. Those will need to be purchased separately, but sometimes a separate purchase of tools is a good thing. You also need to have some res gel caps that will store your concentrates nicely packaged, and they are very compact.

Accessories you might need

  • The Ballpoint medical-grade dab pen the ballpoint will make scrapping up your oil much more manageable.
  • The Nuggy smokers multi-tool has your entire dabbing needs in one little teardrop, much like a swiss army knife.
  • The Yocan portable torch can convert any water pipe into a dab rig. They are designed for maximum adaptability.
  • The Hydro VE turns any vape pen into a dab rig, and it delivers significant hits of vapour through the water.
  • The Vuber portable dabber is a portable electronic rig. The battery life can provide up to 15 hits, which makes it nice and portable.

Dabbing is a great way to experiment with all the different concentrates available on the market, and while you are getting going about your new adventure, you will be able to find the right tools that make things easier for you. Research some dabbing tools online or visiting your local head shop, and they will be more than pleased to help create your dabbing experience and make it a very delightful one. Enjoy!

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