A brewing buzz: The synergy between cannabis and coffee

Published May 26, 2023 11:24 a.m. ET
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Cannabis and coffee are a match made in heaven which isn’t entirely surprising since they’re the most popular substances in the world. Both have the incredible ability to affect the body and mind and when they’re combined, the result is a synergistic experience that’s elevating, exciting, and unique.

Here, we’re going to explore how the relationship between coffee and cannabis came to be.

The history of cannabis and coffee

Coffee and cannabis have an extensive fascinating history. In Ethiopia during the 9th century coffee was first discovered, and it didn’t take long for the drink’s popularity to reach its way around the globe from the Middle East to Europe and finally the Americas.

The history of cannabis spans even further, with the first recorded proof of its influence discovered in ancient Chinese texts. Since then and perhaps even before that, cannabis has influenced cultures and medicine around the world. For thousands of years, humans have taken advantage of its many beneficial compounds as medicine, for spiritual purposes, and of course, as a recreational tool to have a little fun.

Though it’s impossible to say for certain when or where the synergistic relationship between cannabis and coffee began, we do know that people have enjoyed the fantastic experience of using them together for centuries. One great example of this is in Africa and the Middle East where smoking hashish and drinking coffee is a traditional practice that dates back hundreds of years.

The two substances have been consumed together for centuries, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. In these regions, people have enjoyed smoking hashish with their coffee, to create a unique and powerful synergistic experience.

Modern Culture

Today people everywhere are aware of and taking advantage of the benefits of layering the effects of cannabis and coffee, particularly in regions where the plant has been legal for several years or longer. But even in places with young industries, it’s common to find coffee shops and restaurants offering a variety of cannabis-infused drinks like coffee or cocktails.

The majority of these unique businesses still focus on CBD aka cannabidiol a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, since it boasts health benefits without the high, making it a safer option for those who might need to drive home. Still, it’s become a popular option that’s quickly become a staple in the world of cannabis products.


CBD coffee isn’t the only choice however, as coffee blends containing THC are in high demand, and available almost everywhere it’s legal, delivering a psychoactive, elevating range of effects cannabis enthusiasts of all sorts from medicinal to recreational have come to love.

The synergy between cannabis and coffee

Now you may be wondering what it is about this pairing that creates this one-of-a-kind experience and the answer is intriguing. It’s all about the way cannabis and coffee interact with the body, something that can be easily explained thanks to our deeper understanding of the plant.

Coffee is stimulating, which makes us more alert and hyper-focused. It also contains antioxidants that we know are great for our health. Cannabis on the other hand induces opposing sensations as it triggers effects that tend to be more relaxing and sedative .

When the two are combined, we get the benefits of both worlds, through a synergy that results in a more balanced experience, counteracting some of the adverse effects of each compound. Coffee is able to enhance the energizing potential of cannabis, while cannabinoids work to take the edge off a sudden surge of caffeine, which often leaves us anxious or jittery.

By consuming both at the same time, users are generally blessed with a more creative mindset that’s conducive to focusing and completing tasks, though some also report an intense euphoric experience. These differing conclusions are likely due to cannabinoid concentrations and varying levels of tolerance.

Either way, this mixing provides a range of sensations that cannot be achieved with only coffee or cannabis alone.

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