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Published Feb 13, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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It can be hard to find reliable informational resources about cannabis, especially where there is so much bias in the world still today, it’s like finding a diamond in a mine once you finally discover one. There are certainly numerous professionals and specialists who are dedicated to the task of informing the general public while thoroughly researching what the miraculous plant can do, but it is rare to get an in-depth look into current and up to date findings in cannabis science.

What is a podcast?

Since not everyone is quite on the same page as far as technology and the internet is concerned and this is the platform for the audio series we’re highlighting here today, we wanted to start out with a simple explanation as to what this is including how and why it works.

A podcast is an audio recording that is released online through a platform to eager and awaiting listeners. Podcasts are typically created with the intention to share the information, which is why they are so often filled with helpful and sometimes hotly debated topics like cannabis. As the creator uploads episodes, listeners are able to take in each show at their discretion using pause and playback features as desired.

All about the new cannabis science podcast

This fascinating new release is thanks to the Agricultural Genomics Foundation who sponsored it. The Agricultural Genomics Foundation is a non-profit organization that is well known among the cannabis science community, as they are consistently uncovering new properties and facts about the highly debated plant.

The podcast, which is titled Cannabis Science Today, has promised to deliver regular episodes through their amazing host Emily Fata who covers a vast selection of topics and fields including Neuroscience, biology, medicine, and psychology. Though some of these subjects might not sound cannabis science-related, this series will include guest hosts including doctors, scientists, and top dogs from the cannabis industry, and everything that is discussed will be straight from the professionals who only talk about weed.


As of today, there is a total of seven episodes available to the public, and their titles allude to some of the incredible things that they will help to uncover and explain going forward.

1. Terpenes are King
Guest: Chief Science Officer for Digipath Labs Dr. Cindy


2. Treating Epilepsy with Whole Plant Cannabis
Guest: Psychology professor from Colorado State University Dr. Barbara Brett Green

3. Treating Epilepsy with Pharmaceutical CBD
Guest: VP of Regulatory Medical Affairs for Tilray Dr. Catherine Jacobson

4. Cannabis and Cognition
Guest: Founder and Director of the Center for Research and Education Addressing Cannabinoids and Health Dr. Cinamon Bidwell

5. Sativa or Indica – Unlocking the Cannabis Genome
Guest: Director of AGF Dr. Daniella Vergara

6. CBD and Stress
Guest: Neuroscientist at CU Boulder Dr. Monika Fleshner

7. Innovation in Cannabis
Guest: CEO of FrontRange Biosciences Jon Vaught

Where to listen

If this cannabis podcast sounds like something that you’d like to hear for yourself, then you’re in luck, because right now it’s availability ranges all across the board. You can either tune in through the Agricultural Genomics Foundation’s website, or you can check it out on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Play.

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