8 ways not to smoke marijuana

Published Apr 6, 2019 10:30 a.m. ET

There’re many different ways to enjoy smoking marijuana. Though before you advance to new methods of marijuana use you should be sure you’re smoking correctly. There are some mistakes that those new to smoking marijuana might make. Here are ten common mistakes in consuming weed that every smoker should know avoid.  

1. Incorrect use of the carb

The purpose of a carb is to maintain control over the airflow through a smoking device as it is used. When the carb is covered it will allow a reduced but consistent amount of smoke to flow to the mouthpiece, but if it’s used incorrectly then it can trap smoke within the chambers and reduce the amount that ends up in your lungs resulting in a much weaker high.

2. Using a scent inducing heating elements

Butane lighters should only be used in the form of torches, and if your lighter has a smell or taste to it than it should never be used for smoking marijuana. Zippos are the very worst possible lighter option as they will always result in an altered bitter taste.

3. Smoking a joint like a cigar

If you know the difference between smoking cigarettes and smoking cigars than you already understand the basic concept here. A cigar is meant to be lit and inhaled just enough for the smoke to fill the mouth of the smoker before it is exhaled. This is mainly for the flavor but smoking joints or using any other device is entirely different. For you to completely absorb the cannabinoids like THC, you will need the smoke to enter your lungs. Instead of stopping the smoke at your mouth it should be inhaled the rest of the way just like a cigarette to achieve the expected effects from marijuana use.

4. Lighting an entire bowl of weed

The old saying you have to cough to get off is completely untrue yet still widely believed. When you are smoking marijuana the only thing necessary is the interaction between the cannabinoids and your internal system. By lighting an entire bowl, you won’t be getting higher; you will just be wasting weed and killing your lungs with overexertion from coughing.


5. Smoking marijuana using plastic

Plastic can be a fun and unique tool to use when creating your own homemade bongs for smoking marijuana. Unfortunately, plastic will also immediately begin to release toxic chemicals once it has been heated which can be hazardous to your health and heavily affect the taste of your weed. Instead use materials more ideal for marijuana use such as metal, glass, or natural alternatives like wood and fruit in your creations.

6. Overpacking a bowl or joint

A giant bowl is awesome for providing large circles of people with multiple hits before they need to be repacked. The problem is that they are often over-packed which can lead to issues like uneven burning, no burning at all, and a lot of resistance which can be hard on the lungs when you are trying to take a hit. Whether you are packing a bowl or a joint, the weed should be evenly and lightly fluffed up and never packed down, or it might clog the device and give you a headache instead of getting you high.

7. Not combing through weed grind before smoking it

When you buy a bag of cannabis, it will come in the form of full buds that you will have to break apart to burn well. Inside you might find seeds or stem which can add a bad taste to your weed and seeds have the potential to explode causing facial burning. Avoid this by combing through your bud after it’s been ground and removing anything that isn’t bud flower.

8. Drinking the water from a bong

Bong water does not contain enough THC to be able to get you high and might even make you puke due to its smell and terrible taste. Don’t do it or you will quickly regret it.



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