8 Common misconceptions about CBD

Published Apr 7, 2019 01:30 p.m. ET

If you are considering adding CBD to your daily regime than you have likely tried to seek out some information that might help you in choosing CBD over THC or other pharmaceutical alternatives that are commonly prescribed. If you find that you have come up a bit short on what is and isn’t true about CBD products than don’t get discouraged. This is an entirely new industry, and much like with cannabis products CBD oil and CBD pills or tinctures are often misunderstood which leads to assumptions that might not be entirely correct. Here we will cover the six most common misconceptions surrounding pure CBD products including oils, pills, and other CBD infused products you might find available for purchase.

1. CBD is illegal

The cannabinoid CBD is completely legal under both Canadian and American laws for consumption and sale.

2. CBD is psychoactive

CBD is only one of many different cannabinoids that are found in both hemp and cannabis plants. The psychoactive element that produces the euphoric high is called THC and is not present in CBD oils, tinctures or pills. CBD produces an anti-inflammatory effect that is most often consumed for health benefits rather than recreational use.

3. CBD is extracted from cannabis plants

Though CBD is often found in small amounts in marijuana plants, it comes in the most significant quantities when it is produced by hemp plants instead. Hemp also offers the additional benefit of little to no THC which most consumers want when seeking CBD products for the treatment or prevention of illness and or injury.

4. CBD is only safe for adult humans

CBD is an entirely non-toxic cannabinoid that can safely be consumed by both humans and animals alike. Mammals all have an endocannabinoid system that is made to interact with CBD to deliver the very same benefits that humans can achieve, only in smaller doses. There are entire food lines that contain CBD for horses, rabbits, dogs, cats, and cows so far, and even more, will be hitting the market shortly. CBD can also be beneficial for children since it comes with little to no side effects and will not get them high.


5. All hemp oil products contain CBD

CBD oils and pills are made by extracting the cannabinoid CBD from hemp plants flowers, stalk, and leaves. Hemp oil is entirely different and is produced by pressing the seed and collecting the juices which will contain no CBD.

6. CBD products will make you tired

Cannabinoids are an incredibly unique element because they will interact with each person slightly differently. One person may find that CBD does make them tired, but the majority do not experience this side effect. Many who use CBD in varying doses can achieve the opposite. So if a high dose makes you sleepy than try a lower one and if a lower one gives that result then try a more moderate or higher amount instead. CBD, in general, does not sleep inducing to most people who use.

7. CBD that is extracted from hemp isn’t as effective as CBD that comes from cannabis plants

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical element that is found in many plants; it is produced in the most substantial quantities in hemp. This is mainly due to selective breeding of marijuana over time that focused solely on THC. There is absolutely no difference between the quality of the CBD that is in any plant no matter what type of species it comes from.

8. Higher doses of CBD products will be more effective

Many people who are considering using CBD products go off of the assumption that THC must work similarly to CBD, but that is never the case. More is not always better, and the cannabinoid CBD will actually linger within your system after extended periods of regular use which will eventually make it so that a smaller dose will be more efficient. That is why it is always recommended to start with the lowest dose and slowly work your way up. What is most useful for your particular issue might not work for someone else, and the best way to find out for sure is through trial and error.



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