5 Tools in the kitchen that are compatible with cannabis

Published Jul 2, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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A lot of people think that they need special skills or tools in order to make fantastic cannabis delights, but the truth is that you probably already have at least one or two household appliances just lying around that are capable of this feat.

1. Soda stream

Health-focused pop lovers everywhere rejoiced when they discovered that they could finally make their very own soda with help from a soda stream machine. It is better for your body because you can choose how much sugar you want to add to the mix, and you add your own carbon, so if you like it bubbly you can have it that way, but few realize that it has the potential to work with cannabis tincture. That’s right! All you need to do is add a small amount of cannabis-infused tincture to the syrup compartment, and bam! You’ll have instant cannabinoid soda.

2. Tea strainer

Sometimes there is nothing quite like a warm drink to heat us up, and to do that, a lot of us use tea bags that come pre-packed and ready, but if you have an older metal one hanging around, you can have your very own weed tea in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is grind it up, decarboxylate the grind in the oven and then fill the strainer with the amount that you’d like to drink. Just ensure to use boiling hot water so that the grinds steep properly to extract as much of the cannabinoids as possible.

3. Dehydrator

Dehydrators are one of those tools that seem great to get, but then they tend to gather dust at the back of the cupboard, but now, you’ll have every reason to bring it out, because they can work with cannabis in several different ways. They can draw moisture out of cannabis concentrates to thicken them, and they are great for drying fruits or meats that are coated in a hearty layer of cannabis oil. This can make great edibles for camping, hiking, or just keeping around for when the craving hits for an edible.

4. Waffle iron

A waffle iron can be handy for so many things, but if you’ve got a bit of cannabutter, and a few other basic ingredients, with one it can take only minutes to whip up enough cannabis-infused waffles to feed a small army. It’s simple, easy to use, cheap to buy, and cleans up perfectly so it can still be functional for when you want regular waffles too. So, if you really want a sweet pot-infused treat with little time to get fancy, then this tool is perfect.

5. Juicer

Juicing is a fantastic habit to get into, and once you really delve into it, you will find it hard to turn back to store-bought alternatives. Most people invest in one of these tools because they want to make healthier choices and because it can allow them to create concoctions that simply cannot be found on store shelves. It’s also a great way to use up leftover veggies and fruit, but few know that juicers can also work great with cannabis. This method isn’t going to get you stoned, but it can give you a boost that will last for the entire day.

6. Bread maker


Bread is one of those foods that most households blow through like crazy because it goes so well with everything. Toast and eggs, peanut butter sandwiches, soups, stews, pasta, and pretty much everything in between can taste great with the addition of homemade bread, but did you know that if you have a bread maker, it can work to make fresh cannabread too? That’s right, using most of your usual ingredients, one alternative, and a bread maker, you can have perfect cannabis-infused loaves every single time.

7. Gummy machine

There are hundreds of different versions of gummy makers on the market today. You can find ones that are made for children, and those that produce mass quantities of the gelatin treats in a matter of a few hours, but no matter which one you have handy, it can work to make things like THC or CBD gummies with the addition of distillate or tincture in place of some of the water in your recipe. It might not be fancy or elegant, but it’s an excellent way to make edibles.

8. French press

These expensive pieces of machinery aren’t one of the most common kitchen appliances, but they can make some of the most delicious coffee that you’ve ever tasted, which is why they are growing increasingly more popular every single year, but they can make something even better than regular old coffee if you add some decarboxylated cannabis grinds to the fresh coffee beans that you use to make it. In seconds you can have a steaming cup of cannabinoid filled brew, as long as you have a French press handy.

9. Slow cooker

The slow cooker has been around for ages, and nearly everyone has one hiding away in a kitchen cupboard because there is nothing better than a piping hot slow-cooked roast or stew at the end of a long day, but few know that their low heat makes for a perfect environment to create edibles and infused ingredients like cannabutter, without degrading the cannabinoids within. So, if you haven't yet, you might want to try this out, because it’s one of the easiest tools to use when getting started with making edibles.

10. Expresso machine

Expresso makers work perfectly with cannabis, and it’s almost as if they were designed to do it because they slowly run scalding hot water over fresh condensed coffee grounds to make an extra potent dose of caffeine. To do it, all you have to do is add it to the holder where you place your fresh beans for brewing, and voila, you’ll have an instant weed expresso machine.

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