5 Things that consumers expect most from cannabis

Published Apr 5, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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The cannabis industry is massive, and it advocates and provides for millions of consumers who all bring with them an individual set of needs, expectations, and requirements, but some stay pretty consistent no matter who you talk to. Everyone is motivated to try cannabis for their own personal reasons, but what they expect when they buy it is another matter entirely, with many commonalities like the five we’re going to discuss here today.

1. Potency options

Most recreational cannabis users are looking for potency as if it’s the only thing that matters, and in some cases, that’s incredibly true, but in others, a milder strength or range of effects is necessary for the experience to be enjoyable. That is why enthusiasts expect a wide range of potency choices regardless of whether it’s a bud or the purest cannabis concentrates. Newbies needless, seasoned consumers want more, and for both to be happy, there needs to be a middle ground that offers something for everyone.

2. Convenience

Cannabis consumers are used to doing things the old-fashioned way, grinding up weed by hand with scissors, or twisting up a joint or blunt by hand, and for that reason, many of us feel that we’ve done our time, and we’re looking for a more convenient option that will alleviate some of the work. This is exactly why pre-rolls are the second-fastest-growing niche on the cannabis market. So, stoner wants to stress over the process, therefore products that can help with that win consumers over every time.

3. To get stoned

Most cannaisseurs just want to get stoned. Though it might still be a bit taboo to admit this, especially by the standards of various governments, the majority of cannabis users really just want to feel enveloped in that sweet sensation of euphoric bliss, and they don’t really care what it takes to get there all that matters is that the products they choose can deliver. For this reason alone, we need to learn more about the synergy effect of cannabis because we know that much of the power we experience comes from sources beyond the primary cannabinoids with which we’re most familiar.

4. Pain relief

Though most who dapples in the green do so for recreational reasons, you might be surprised to learn just how many turns to natural cannabinoids for pain relief, and we’re not just talking about medical patients with chronic diagnoses. Even those that choose to indulge in cannabis for fun end up relying on it at some point for relief from achy muscles, joints, or injuries, and they expect the products they buy to be effective at delivering therapeutic sensations and benefits.

5. Enjoyable aromas

The effects matter the most to cannabis users because they are the reason we use the plant, but we know that other qualities such as smell and taste can also have a significant impact on how a strain makes you feel. If it’s unenjoyable, then you’ll be much less likely to get what you need from the effects, but if a strain or product makes your mouth water, you could be a customer that’s hooked for life, and that’s a great thing for all who are involved in this transaction.

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