5 Safe mixing options that can help to make your weed last longer

Published Oct 3, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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Smoking pure cannabis flower is by far the most effective way to get high, but unfortunately, this kind of experience can cost a lot more than some consumers can afford. For patients and users who are smoking weed as a method of self-treatment, going a day or two, or five without this powerful relief can be devastating, which is why it is so important to always carefully ration what you do have, to be sure that it lasts as long as is necessary.

Some people have incredible success with a system like those that are utilized with pharmaceuticals which might include a suitable container or dispenser options to separate and evenly distribute a consistent amount of cannabis flower each day. Others prefer to make purchases on a regular basis, obtaining only minimal amounts as a motivation to make it last. However, no matter what tactic you choose, there will always be the same amount of marijuana, but there are a few things that you can do to make it seem like you have a more substantial stash on hand.

One of the most popular methods of achieving this is to mix the cannabis flower with other ingredients so that you can still roll up a big, fat blunt, without burning through all of your pot in one session. The trouble is that most people don’t know where to begin in seeking out an alternative that is cost-effective, safe to ingest and enjoyable. Luckily you have us to help you out, and here you will find 5 incredible options that can actually complement that already present natural benefits of smoking weed.

1. Cannabis leaves

A lot of consumers regularly smoke cannabis flower without a second thought, but for some reason, very few ever think to mix a bit of the fan leaves or trimming in with their buds. This is typically considered to be the best option, as it doesn't adversely influence the flavor of smoking weed. It can also offer the bonus of additional THC and or CBD, as many of the fan leaves do contain some of the psychoactive element. Not everyone has access to cannabis leaves through a grower or dispensary, but if you can find some, the cost will generally be less than half of cannabis flowers, making them cost-effective as well.

2. Hemp flower or leaves

Hemp plants are not only used for their fibers as so many believe, but this plant species is capable of producing its own flowers just like regular cannabis. In regions with access to legal marijuana, hemp flower is relatively easy to access and comes at a fraction of the cost of cannabis flower. It also boasts the benefit of CBD which is currently being studied for its ability to enhance the effects of smoking weed with THC, which means that it could improve your high, save you money, and since the two plant species are so incredibly similar, even the taste will remain the same, and enjoyable.

3. Tobacco


Tobacco has been combined with cannabis flower and leaves for centuries, which makes sense as both elements were, and still are typically smoked, but there might also be another reason for this excitable mixture. Consumers have reported for many years that using both tobacco and smoking weed can result in an intensified high that is fast-acting, and longer-lasting. Though there is very little research available to date on this effect, what has been performed seems to point towards this long believed myth as fact.

4. Kief

Most people who enjoy smoking weed, keep on hand a selection of essential tools to prepare the cannabis flower for ingestion. If you happen to be an enthusiast, then you probably have in the very least a basic weed grinder. A lot of consumers don’t realize how helpful this tool can be to make your weed last longer, but if you invest in a model that is equipped with a kief catch, then you can gently harvest the delightful trichomes, and use them to fatten joints or bowl as your stash begins to run dry. It’s also potent and packed full of the euphoric element THC, which means that a tiny little pinch of this magical dust can go a long way.

5. Marijuana concentrates

There are so many different types of smokable marijuana concentrates on the market today, and most of them perform In a way that makes smoking pure cannabis flower seem like child's play in comparison. Though you might be one of those consumers that requires a massive marijuana roll to properly enjoy the experience, if your preference is intensity, then concentrated THC products might be the best way for you to go. A small amount of shatter could be added to increase the potency of your joints by adding a small amount to weed grind, or on top of a bowl. If you are really down on your luck and can't get marijuana concentrates in place of your usual weed, then your last option is going to be repurposing the resins and oils from within your usual smoking device so that you can spread it onto a paper along with a small amount of any of these listed additives for an alternative that will get you high in a pinch.

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