5 Reasons why you should host a cannabis harvest party

Published Aug 29, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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It’s almost that time of the year again, as the temperatures finally break and begin to dwindle, and your pot plant garden boasts a broad range of buds that are dripping with anticipation at their peak. Harvest time is exciting, and often feels like it takes way too long to arrive, but once it does, you’ll quickly realize that the entire process is quite labor-intensive, and this is the ideal time to throw a harvest party. There are many reasons to do so, but to give you the motivation to start, we’re going to highlight the top five along with some tips and tricks to help with the planning aspect of such a gathering.

1. A reason to get together with friends

After a long summer of adventuring and exploring and taking every mini vacation that we can, it’s important to reconnect with friends that have been busy doing the same. At the beginning of the season, we have all kinds of holidays that bring us together, but towards the end, they stop, and a good harvest is as good of a reason as any to throw a killer party.

2. Free labor

Harvesting is super exciting, but what follows is a whole bunch of work, as you’ll spend several hours trimming cannabis buds in preparation for drying and curing. If you tackle this job all by yourself, then you’re likely to end up with finger cramps and swollen hands for the next few days, but with a group of your
friends, several hours can easily be reduced to 1 or 2.

3. Make incredible memories

You can go camping, hiking, biking, to the movies, or anywhere else that you like to frequent just about anytime, but harvests only come once each year, which makes it a special occasion that can lead to some fantastic memories with your closest friends. After all, it doesn’t have to be all hard work, as you can play music, drink, and eat until the sun goes down long after the work for the day is done.

4. Learn a few things along the way

If you’re faced with a harvest that you don’t know how to fully manage, be it taking down the plants, or how to proceed with curing, then it’ll be good to have your closest allies there to help you along the way. You’ve spent the entire year perfecting your cultivation skills, and now is the perfect time to do the same with your harvest and drying so that all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

5. Pass on your skills with harvesting and trimming cannabis

If it’s time to harvest cannabis and you know exactly what to do, then that is even more reason to host a harvest party, as these essential skills are entirely priceless, and all who attend can benefit from their time spent with you. If you know tips or tricks to make harvesting easier, then now is the time to show them off, and if you’ve discovered the ideal curing techniques, they’ll appreciate that direction as well, especially if they aren’t particularly skilled in the process, and they’re thinking about growing in the future.

Tips and tricks to make the process easy

Now that we’ve convinced you why you should host a harvest party, it’s time to focus on the particulars, as you’ll want to plan out the event as much as possible. Since we normally have regular social gatherings, we aren’t used to preparing for this type of event, but as per usual, we’ve got you covered with five tips and tricks that can help.


1. Only invite your most trusted friends

When you host a normal party, it’s usually a good idea to stash away all of the valuables just to avoid the disappointment of something happening, but when it comes to harvest parties, the gem in the room will be the product that you’ll all be working on, so that logic won’t quite work here. Instead, we highly recommend that you chose only your most trusted friends and family members on this mission, so that none goes missing, and the wrong people don’t find out that you’re a pro with a bountiful cannabis garden.

2. Barter to make the event worth their while

As much as we’d like to hope that our friends would jump at the opportunity to help when it’s needed, you don’t want to be taking advantage of anyone either, which means that you should offer something in exchange for all of their hard work. Since it’s a harvest party, that could be as easy as portioning out some freshly trimmed buds or offering free drinks for the evening, but whatever it is, you should make it good so that everyone you want there, goes out of their way to help you out.

3. Supply the weed and ask them to bring the food

A party isn’t a party without a nice pile of green and some incredible food to help with managing the buzz, and if you’re looking to host without having to put too much work into the setup, then a good way to avoid spending all day in the kitchen is by offering a fair exchange that will please everyone involved. That is why we highly recommend offering to supply everyone there with whatever bounty you have left from last year's pot plant garden, and in return, ask each one to bring a dish and then you’ll have an instant buffet without lifting a finger.

4. Stock up on soap, clean towels, and the tools you’ll need

A lot of people don’t fully think this part, though, as it’s easy to gather together a bunch of friends, but very few of us have enough scissors lying around the house to arm everyone with the tools that they’ll need if you want them trimming cannabis. You’ll need sterilized scissors, fresh towels, and plenty of hand soap, as once you’re done, everyone's hands will be covered in sweet, sticky resin, so don’t forget to stock up before the day of the event so that you’re ready.

5. Plan for your guest's comfort

Though you will have planned business and activities to attend to, it is just as important to focus on the festivities that can be enjoyed before, during, and after everyone puts in some hard work. Some good music, stoner flicks, munchies, and plenty to drink to keep everyone hydrated is a really good list to start with, and you can add to that games, or whatever else that you like to do with your closest friends to personalize the event and the memories that it leaves you with.

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