5 Neat things that you can do with cannabis leaves

Published Jun 10, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Everybody wants the buds from cannabis, as they hold the power that most seek, but few realize how important and useful nearly every other part of the plant materials can be. Sure, the flowers are the part that holds the majority of the cannabinoid content, but the rest of it, like the marijuana leaves, can be a lot of fun to experiment with if you know where to start.

Many cannabis enthusiasts jump right into concocting decadent cannabutter, or more potent concentrates, as a way of utilizing the leaves, but if you want to prevent going through all of the work that’s necessary to get that kind of job done, then we have some simpler ideas that you might just love. They’re easy, creative, and you don’t even need more than one single pot leaf for most of the ideas on this list, so if that sounds enticing, then you’ll definitely want to read on to discover more unique ways to put this excess plant material to the best use.

1. Eat a cannabis leaf raw

Did you know that a pot leaf is completely edible as long as it isn’t sprayed with chemicals to deter pests? That’s right, you can grab a fresh leaf from a cannabis plant at any stage in life, and eat it, and you might be surprised by how good it tastes. You can put them in a salad, or just enjoy one or two for the essential nutrients that are locked within, but there is one thing that you need to know, and it’s that some marijuana leaves have tiny spines, that can irritate the throat and tongue on the way down.

There are two different types of marijuana leaves, and the first is sugar leaves, which are generally trimmed away from the flowers. They are tiny, crystal-covered, and soft to the touch which makes them an excellent option for eating raw. The others are called fan leaves, which are larger, further from the buds, and rougher to the touch, and those are the ones that tend to have these developed microscopic spikes, so try your best to stick to the smaller ones, if you do decide to try this at home.

2. Turn your marijuana leaves into juice

Most people want to get high from their cannabis plants, which is entirely understandable, but if you're looking for a health-focused boost, and have some extra leaf to experiment with, then you might want to try some pot leaf juice. It’s full of antioxidants and works as an all-natural supplement that can be added to any of your favourite juice recipes or fruit and veggie combinations, and it does not alter the flavor at all, which is a bonus that doesn’t often come with health foods.

3. Deep fry a pot leaf

A lot of people don’t even realize that this is possible, but it totally is, and some restaurants are making a small fortune off the idea because it’s so popular and well-received among those who have tried it. Though the cooking and grease content, pretty much extinguishes any health benefits that you might get from enjoying this kind of treat, it’s a fun dish to make, and most reviews thus far imply that it’s also delicious, so why not give it a try?


All you need to do is have some handy cooking oil, or butter on hand, along with a bit of egg, flour, and sugar for a hearty coating, and voila. You can have this extraordinary dessert choice that celebrates every single point of the cannabis plant, in one delightful dessert. It’s crunchy, like chips, and from what some people are saying we think that it’s safe to assume that they’re just as addictive, so if you do try it for yourself, then you might want to have extra on hand, in case one isn’t enough to leave you satisfied.

4. Use marijuana leaves as garnish or topping when cooking

420 might be the ultimate stoner holiday, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get crafty with some green every other time of year, and this is a great way to do so. Since every single pot leaf is edible, you can use them as decorations in a few different ways that will result in fantastic edible designs that will be picture-perfect, one of a kind, and memorable for many years to come. Sure, you could always just toss a few marijuana leaves into a salad, but this is so much better!

All you need to get started is an idea and a handful of cannabis leaf grind or whole pieces. Grind can be sprinkled on top of cookies, cake, muffins, or brownies, for a green look that cannot be replicated with any other ingredient, or you could take it a step further and press an entire pot leaf into the outer ring of icing, or cookie dough to leave a perfect cannabis impression that will look fantastic, and taste great. You can also carefully place a few pot leaves as a centerpiece or garnish, so don’t be afraid to get creative and let your true stoner shine through because the sky is the limit.

5. Artwork with a cannabis leaf

If you’re sitting around bored and looking for something fun to do, or in need of a cool activity that you can enjoy with friends while you're getting high, then why not try your hand at some pot leaf artwork? You could decorate a mural with a collage of beautiful land bright cannabis leaves or use a leaf as a stamp to transfer a perfect image, using paint, glitter, and glue, or any other number of materials. They can be lacquered to last for years, and attached to your favourite things, or framed and hung on the wall for display.

No matter what you chose, it will help to pass the time, and leave you with décor that can withstand the tests of time, if you do it right. So, why not test it out and see what you can come up with? It won’t cost anything, could lead to a whole new hobby that you just might love, and it’s the perfect kind of activity to do while you're enjoying a buzz, which makes it perfect for almost any type of cannabis enthusiast.

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