30 Interesting cannabis facts we thought you should know

Published Jul 31, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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The more we learn about cannabis, the more we begin to understand that it isn’t anywhere near as dangerous or toxic as our governments would have liked us to believe. It will take time, but through knowledge, there will be a brand new comfortability with the cannabis industry. This shift all started somewhere, and that is why here we’re going to highlight 30 of the lesser-known, yet intriguing marijuana facts that every true stoner should know.

Marijuana facts

  1. The hops that we use to make beer is a close relative to the cannabis plant, as they are in the same family of flowering plant types.

  2. Early US presidents used to grow giant fields of cannabis. Though there is no clear evidence that they smoked it, they very clearly farmed it to make useful materials such as clothing and rope.

  3. California state currently brings in some of the highest revenues in the entire country from cannabis, but they were also the first US state to completely ban the use and growth of the cannabis plant almost 100 years ago.

  4. Ford had plenty of huge fans who would never be caught driving anything else. The car company is a top name brand, and one of the most highly thought of family vehicle makers in the world, which is why so few would believe that Mr. Henry Ford himself designed and created a hemp car that ran on hemp biofuel, but the idea was more of a publicity stunt than a new sellable or available product, so there was only ever one made.

  5. Every state in the US that currently boasts legal weed, generates an average yearly tax revenue of approximately $8.7 billion between both the federal and state portions.

  6. Did you know that women are quite often left out of clinical trials for cannabis products? It’s true, and despite recommendations from public health experts, the practice continues to happen, because women are not hormonally stable. This is one of the many reasons that cannabis seems to impact women differently than men, and it doesn’t do well for the results of scientific studies to have influential factors that they cannot control, so instead of being accommodated, we are typically just left right out of the equation.

  7. We all love a good Starbucks coffee, which is why we see them on nearly every block, but in Colorado, dispensaries outnumber the coffee chain storefronts with almost 3 cannabis stores for every Starbucks location.

  8. Growing cannabis indoors is actually a terrible decision for the planet, because it often leaves a larger carbon footprint thanks to the many lights, devices, and chemicals that are used to grow them this way.

  9. Some cannabis compounds have been found to be incredibly effective at slowing the spread of certain types of cancers while knocking out others entirely.

  10. Cannabis used to be referred to as Indian Cigarettes, which were advertised to the public as an effective treatment for respiratory conditions, despite the fact that they were often poisonous, thanks to added elements such as nightshade.

  11. The very first documented evidence of cannabis leaf being rolled up into a piece of paper to enjoy dates all the way back to 1856.

  12. Vanity Fair released a controversial commercial in 1862 where they advertised hash laced candies as the ideal remedy for a long list of symptoms, including pain and trouble sleeping.

  13. Millionaire Bill Gates, alongside his fellow investors, owns a vault in Artic Svalbard that is designed to house all kinds of seeds in the event of a global disaster, and many experts suspect that the cannabis plant is important enough to get a spot in the highly mysterious doomsday seed vault.

  14. The cannabis plant is entirely legal now, but ethics still keep some of the most important research from being conducted. We need to know what cannabis might do in certain situations, like in the developing brains of children, or the fragile body of a fetus, and even where it’s legal, very few scientists are allowed to delve into this unknown territory because cannabis is still considered to be a dangerous and unpredictable drug.

  15. Colorado is well known as one of the weed capitols of the world, which is incredibly ironic considering the fact that this region is also where the very first arrest for cannabis sales and cultivation took place.

  • Despite the horrible reputation that the communist country North Korea currently holds, they were one of the very first countries to legalize cannabis, and it really doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon.

  • Bob Marley will be in the hearts and minds of cannabis enthusiasts for a very long time, as he was an advocate and idol for many who enjoy the culture, so it really shouldn’t be any surprise that even when he died, he did something to pay tribute to cannabis. His wishes were to be buried with his bible open to a page that seemingly referenced cannabis, a guitar, and one single cannabis bud.

  • In early 2013 Uruguay became the very first country in the entire world to allow growing, consuming, and selling cannabis and its derivatives.

  • Cannabis was used as the world's very first version of anesthetic to keep patients comfortable while doctors in ancient China performed necessary operations and adjustments.

  • Alaska legalized cannabis all the way back in 1975 for recreational and medicinal use, and it has remained that way ever since.

  • The US military was the first to create a synthetic version of cannabis in 1949, but it is one product that you won’t see available on the open market today because the effects of a tiny dose of a 1mg of the stuff can last for 3 entire days.

  • It is possible to be allergic to cannabis. Though most enthusiasts like to believe that the cannabis plant is only capable of doing good for the people who use it, some will have full-out allergic reactions, which could lead to vomiting, nausea, hives, and even swelling.

  • Though we have made leaps and bounds that with clinical research into the cannabis plant, Epidolex is still the only cannabis-derived medicine that holds approval from the FDA.

  • We all know of the infamous Christopher Columbus who sailed the harsh seas to discover new and exciting worlds, but very few know that the great adventurer took cannabis seeds with him everywhere that he went. The idea was to trade and cultivate cannabis if the ship were to crash unexpectedly, which is a pretty good back up plan if you ask us.

  • The most expensive joint in the world sold for an astounding $24 000. The roll which was shaped by weaving experts held 1 ½ pound of cured cannabis flower. It took 2 whole weeks to make the masterpiece and it was rolled in 24 karat gold papers, which definitely added to the overall value of the results.

  • The biggest tax rates on cannabis in the entire world are in Washington, which boasts a 41.7% tax on every single cannabis product that’s sold.

  • Studies show that between 40% and 50% of all cannabis products sold, even in legal regions, are bought from black market dispensaries that are unregulated and unlicensed.

  • The US government has always employed individuals who were supposed to be looking into all of the potential benefits and effects of cannabis, but for the longest time, most people who held the position were less than trustworthy. In fact, from 1938-1962, the country’s official leading expert on the subject claimed in court that he had once partaken in smoking cannabis and that he regretted it because it turned him into a bat.

  • Cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States today.

  • In 2009 the world record for the most joints ever smoked was taken by a stockbroker named Irvin Rosenfield, who managed to smoke an insane 115 000 joints over the course of 28 years.

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