10 Useful cannabis tools and accessories you might not know about

Published Feb 20, 2021 12:00 p.m. ET
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Bongs, pipes, rolling papers, grinders, these are some things that most stoners have on hand to help them to get the job done, but if that list covers the entirety of your collection, then you’ve still got a whole world full of exciting new tools and accessories to discover. Whether you’re looking for a unique piece to add to your collection, or you are just bored of what you’ve seen so far, then this is an excellent place to be because here, we are going to tell you a bit about some of the least known and most helpful tools and accessories for cannabis out there.

1. Dab tool

The dab tool might not seem like an ideal tool for the average stoner, as it’s most known for its ability to grab hold of sticky and gooey concentrates so that they’re easy to drop onto the nail of a rig without too much mess, but they are also helpful for vapers and smokers. The curved tip works well to scrape away hard stuck resin from bongs and pipes, and it can double as a packing tool for joints, so it truly is a multipurpose cannabis accessory.

2. Grinder card

When you compare them to their heavy-duty counterparts, grinder cards seem kind of useless. They can’t hold your bud or kief, and they sure can’t bust everything apart without risking the tips of your fingers, but they can be useful in certain situations. When you’re rolling a joint, a grinder card can pick up a perfect line of grind and place it neatly into the paper for less fuss, and they can be tucked discreetly away into your pocket without causing a bulge, a priceless feature for when you’re on the go and need to be discreet.

3. Carb cap

The carb cap is viewed as a luxury that only the most professional and dedicated dabbers really use, but its functionality goes so much farther than simply containing the precious smoke. They help to contain the high temperatures, which you’ll need to vaporize your preferred concentrate, and in some cases, they’re even designed to stir it all up, and that reduced the amount of residue that is left behind. A cleaner piece means less waste, and that’s why having a carb cap should be a necessity for the average dabber.

4. Glass blunt

Rolling papers offer a nice experience that can be altered to suit your needs by switching brands, but they are notorious for not being ready when you need them most. All it takes is a small amount of moisture to ruin an entire pack of your favourite wraps, which at some point or another is bound to leave you with green and no way to smoke it. This is where the glass blunt comes in handy, plus it takes away the need to know how to roll altogether because all you need is a grinder and a packing stick to get it done. They’re just as discreet but so much more dependable.

5. Splitters

Splitters are little known treasures that aren’t expensive to buy, but very few stoners have ever heard of them. They’re fantastic cannabis accessories that are ideal for those who love blunts and large joints, as they’re designed to hold the roll away from your fingers so that you won’t get burnt like roach clips, but that’s not all. They also come equipped with a razor-sharp blade that’s placed perfectly to keep a roll wide open so that you can easily draw from it without the end getting clogged up, and they’re small, so easy to keep tucked away in a small rolling kit or your pocket, for when you’re on the go.

6. Joint filter

So many stoners overlook the usefulness of the joint filter, but we’re here to tell you why that would be a mistake. They might not seem necessary, but they help to do all kinds of things, from adding to the structural integrity of a roll and holding the tip open to filtering out some of the harmful resins, all while keeping the bits and pieces of weed from making it into your mouth, something that is never a pleasant feeling. Joint filters are cheap to buy and require an extra step to install, but they truly do enhance the roll smoking experience.

7. Silicone concentrate storage containers

Most of us buy our favourite pot products and then store them in the very same containers or packaging that they come in, but this is problematic, especially when you’re dealing with concentrates that will stick to the narrow-lipped bottle or container, forcing you to dig deep and make a mess, just to try to get high. It makes it hard to get every last drop and to see what you have, but as long as you’re not dealing with a straight-up liquid concentrate like oil, silicone containers could solve those problems. Most cannabis concentrates will simply cling together in these handy accessories, which makes access easy.

8. Manual cigarette roller

This one might not at first appear to be cannabis-related, but these tools have long been used for the green and for a couple of very good reasons. First, smoking out of perfectly shaped tubes that look just like regular cigarettes offers a disguise that can keep your consumption on the down-low, and the second is that they can roll a super fat joint, even if the user doesn’t have any rolling skills. Some find that a roller helps to make things easier for those with medical conditions that make it had to twist and manipulate a roll with precision, and everyone agrees that if you can afford to fill them, they’re worth it.

9. Terp pearls

Terp pearls, aka terp gems or diamonds, are the perfect cannabis accessory for the connoisseur that enjoys dabbing. Those who’ve used them compare the experience to that of a carb cap. Only terp pearls are more functional because they make direct contact with the concentrate and work together to hold heat for far longer. Add a few of these to your rig and it’ll be an instant upgrade that will increase the effectiveness of the whole setup, and for the few dollars they cost, we’re surprised to find that so few dabbers use them.

10. Bowl stir stick

There are several variations of this accessory on the market, depending on where you look. Some come attached to lighters or grinder cards, and a few just look like really fancy bobby pins, but they work wonders to save your fingers from being burnt. When you get so far into a bowl of green, the ash eventually makes it hard to see if there is anything left, and it creates a barrier between the flame and those buried grinds, but with a quick stir, you’ll find that the whole thing burns much more effectively, without having to relight it a million times just to get the last few puffs.

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