10 Things you should never do during a sesh

Published Aug 18, 2022 09:00 a.m. ET
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Not everyone is used to sharing joints or bowls with others, and if you’re hoping to join a circle, there are some things you should probably know beforehand. Some of these points are pretty much common sense while others are mistakes that are easy to make if you aren’t aware of proper stoner etiquette.

1. Show up empty-handed

Smoking weed is an expensive habit, especially when you’re always sharing with others, and that’s the number one reason why it’s so important to avoid showing up to a sesh empty-handed. Of course, it’s not always possible to come to the circle fully equipped, but whenever you can do so, it’ll be thoroughly appreciated by your fellow tokers.

2. Give less than you get

Are you always rolling pinner joints, and joining in on seshes with others who love to roll cannons? If so, then you might be guilty of this common mistake, without even realizing how offensive it might be. For many, small joints are perfect for when you’re smoking weed at home or with a single friend, but once more guests are added to the queue, it’s not likely to even make it the whole way around the circle, and that’s going to leave at least a few folks feeling cheated. It might be hard to match precisely. Still, every effort should be made to ensure you’re getting just as much as you contribute to the pot.

3. Hold the joint for too long

It may be tempting to hold onto a roll or bowl seeing as the whole circle pays attention to whoever possesses the circulating cannabis product, and simply doing so might spark up a conversation that you feel the need to continue, distracting you from puffing or passing the whole thing along. Sadly, as enjoyable as it might be, this is one of the biggest faux pas among stoners who all contribute. Puff, puff and pass, to avoid angry glares, and to keep things fair.

4. Canoe the roll

Unfortunately, at times there is little if anything you can do to keep this from happening, as it can be caused by all sorts of things from an uneven grind, to low-quality papers, but it’s often made worse by tokers who don’t take the time to pay attention and fix it as needed. Excitedly puffing away on a joint that’s burning all the way up the side, will only leave far too much flower unburnt, and that’s not good news for anyone. Instead, wet the area that’s burnt too far, use a lighter to singe the opposing side, and take small hits while adjusting your grip on the roll, just in case that’s what’s causing the problem.

5. Lie about a product

Every individual interacts and reacts differently to various cannabis products, and that is especially true when it comes to edibles and cultivars with sky-high cannabinoid concentrations, which can lead to uncomfortable situations for anyone with a low tolerance. For this reason, it is unsafe, disrespectful, and just plain irresponsible to not be 100% transparent when it comes to getting high with other people with products you’ve supplied.

6. Pass in the wrong direction


When you’re smoking weed in a group, people tend to form a circle, so that no one feels left out and it’s easy to pass the device from one person to the next so that everyone gets their fair share, but in order for this to work, everyone needs to follow the number one rule, which is to pass it to the right. Otherwise, people will get confused about where they should be passing, and some will get skipped over, while others get double the dose.

7. Skip people

Unless there is some sort of underlying reason, like a specific person wanting to be left out of the rotation for a bit, or perhaps when dealing with someone who is mooching just a little bit too much, it’s never a good idea to pass over someone, and it can lead to hurt feelings, even if you’re not necessarily meaning to pass them by. Pay attention, and make sure everyone gets an equal amount if you want every person partaking to walk away feeling satisfied and happy.

8. Cough without covering your mouth

Just like when you have a cold or dealing with allergies, coughing is going to make some gross things come flying and the rest of the people in your circle aren’t going to be enthused with the prospect of having to either dodge them or awkwardly wipe it all off themselves. It’s not sanitary, and it’s easily avoidable by simply covering your mouth, or coughing into your elbow.

9. Come without a lighter

Lighters aren’t overly expensive, and they’re easy to lose, so it’s not uncommon to have to share some fire with others around the circle, but if you make it a habit to leave yours at home, you might find yourself greeted with some animosity, especially if someone is kind enough to share, only to be left with a dead torch by the end of the night. Technically, it’s a minor infraction. Still, it’s always best to come to the table, circle, or sesh as prepared as possible. Your friends will thank you for taking a moment to pack before coming, so try your best not to forget it at home.

10. Take massive tokes

f you’re providing the product and doing the rolling, then it’s perfectly fine to indulge in some additional hits over your friends, but any other time, it’s simply not a good idea, nor is it good etiquette. Doing so will make the roll hot, encourage it to burn up way faster, and increase the likelihood of the whole thing starting to canoe. It’s just not fair, and it can take from the experience of others who are sharing with you.

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