10 Things that can significantly influence your buzz

Published Jul 30, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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When it comes to cannabis, most people just know that it can get you high, but very few realize the vast number of possibilities that may be encountered while experimenting with it. The effects of a high can leave you soothed and relaxed, anxious, and uncomfortable, in complete and utter euphoria, or it can motivate you to do and to be better, and which one you’ll experience often comes down to these ten essential factors.

1. Your physical and mental health

It is important to make an assessment of both your physical and mental well-being before getting high because it can make a significant difference in how cannabis may impact you. Studies show that people who use cannabis with pre-existing mental health issues are more prone to adverse effects, and we also know that if you're dealing with a painful medical condition cannabis is much more likely to have milder effects because the active ingredient is working to provide relief rather than getting you stoned.

2. Eating and drinking habits

Though this is technically a part of your physical health, it’s also something that you can have a good level of control over. Like with any substance, if you start out well hydrated and with a full belly, you’ll be much more likely to have a better overall experience with cannabis. To do that, you’ll need to drink plenty of water, and eat a full meal before you get started so that you aren’t feeling nauseous or lightheaded once the effects from the cannabis kick in.

3. Other substances

Cannabis alone can induce a broad range of effects that can be difficult to predict without prior experience with the strain that’s being used, and when you add other substances to the mix, it can complicate this even further. Some studies show that even a small amount of sugar or caffeine can significantly impact a buzz, and if you’re using other intoxicating substances like alcohol or psilocybin, then the effects can get intense quite quickly and even unexpectedly, as various drugs will interact with cannabis differently causing a delayed reaction, or a faster onset of effects.

4. Environment

We know that our environment has a great deal to do with who we are and how we feel, and it influences the effects of cannabis in a person very much the same way. If you’re in a high-stress environment, or you’re toking in a hot and humid place, then the effects can kick in faster than expected. However, if you’re somewhere where you feel relaxed and comfortable, then you will be much more likely to enjoy the experience of getting high with a slow onset of relaxation rather than an amplification of your discomfort.

5. Changing strains

There are currently over 3000 documented cannabis strains that exist on the market, and every single one will provide a completely different set of effects. Some can make you feel sedated and sleepy, whereas others are known to be more uplifting as they help to improve mood and focus. The kind that you use will be one of the most influential factors in the type of buzz that you achieve, and that’s why it’s so important to research cannabis strains long before you buy them.

6. Method of consumption


There are so many different types of cannabis products on the market today that it would be nearly impossible to cover everyone in a small paragraph, but they can all be reduced to specific methods of consumption. Those that are smoked will have milder, more controllable effects that can begin to wear off in as little as 30 minutes, whereas edibles are known to induce a much more intoxicating effect that can last for several hours on end. Then there are topical products, which won’t get you high at all no matter where you put them, so the way that you use cannabis is also an important factor in the felt effects.

7. Terpenes

There are over 100 different cannabis terpenes that we are aware of and only a handful of them are in large concentrations, but which ones you’ll get depends greatly on the strain that you choose. Terpenes produce scents, and smells can have a pretty big impact on how we feel. An uplifting aroma like lemon or lime can wake you up, whereas a more pungent one like gas or diesel is intensely sedating and relaxing, so be sure to keep this in mind the next time that you want to get high.

8. Mood

The absolute best time to get stoned is when you’re in a really good mood, as it sets a tone that is enhanced by cannabis. So, if you’re in a really good mood, then using cannabis is likely to make you feel even better about your situation, but if you’re in a bad, anxious or depressed state of mind, it can make it easier to drown in those uncomfortable feelings as the effects tend to intensify the way that we already feel, be it good or bad.

9. Past experiences

If you’ve had a long history of positive experiences with cannabis, then you’re future experiments are already off to a really good start, because you’ll feel confident, secure, and safe when you begin, but if you’ve recently fallen victim to a bad situation, then you might not be so lucky. You see, cannabis tends to amplify whatever we’re already feeling, and so if you’re scared, once the effects kick in, you’ll be much more likely to spiral into a panic, and that is enough to ruin anyone's buzz.

10. Future plans

Cannabis can work as an excellent tool when you need to wind down and destress about life in general, but when it comes to more intimidating scenarios and situations, you might want to put the blunt down until it’s over with. Like we mentioned before, if you’re anxious, worried, or have some other heavy burden weighing you down, then you will be much more likely to be even more worried as you mull over the possibilities while high. So, it’s best, whenever possible, to avoid cannabis in this exceptional circumstance, as it is more likely to produce a less than desirable result.

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