10 Secrets that every stoner should know

Published Jan 5, 2021 02:00 p.m. ET
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Getting familiar with all things cannabis can take quite some time, and that is especially true when you don’t have many people around who are willing to show you the way, but even the most experienced tokers will miss some things as they learn about what the plant has to offer. Luckily, you’ve got us to help you to evolve as a cannabis user, and with decades worth of experience, we have a few secrets to share, which you’ll find compiled here.

1. Never judge cannabis buds by the way they look

We always see the biggest, brightest, and most trichomes covered buds sprawled across magazine covers and pot websites because they look great and that really helps to sell the idea to new consumers, but the reality is that most of the best cannabis flower looks incredibly average which is why it’s an expectation that every stoner should get over. As those who've had the privilege of using various types of weed know, that sometimes, the worst looking buds are the ones that leave you feeling amazing.

2. Save your time and weed with a high-quality grinder

When you sit down to prepare your herb for a bowl or a roll, how long does it take you, and what kind of results do you hope to achieve? Most pot lovers go through a phase of settling for the cheapest and easiest methods of grinding, by using scissors, their fingers, or a cheap grinder, but all that does is leave your weed chunky, which can lead to some major burning problems and ripped papers. Save your time, money, and patients by investing in a good grinder instead because the difference is worth it.

3. You don’t need to be rich for a first-class cannabis experience

It’s always nice to dream about the latest new fancy piece or product to hit the market, but a lack of funds alone doesn’t mean that you have to miss out completely. If it’s a bong or a dab rig you’re after, you can probably find a generic version that will do the same thing at a fraction of the price, and if it’s fancier cannabis products like creams, tincture, oil, or concentrates that you’re after, then the most affordable solution is to figure out how to make you own at home from scratch. It is work, but you can have it!

4. There is never a good reason to waste parts of the cannabis plant

Cannabis plants are most notoriously grown for their buds because that is where most of the powerful cannabinoids are stored, but there is still plenty to be gained from processing everything from the stems to the roots and the leaves. Their parts can be made into butter, oil, tea, kief, and other cannabis concentrates or combined with other all-natural ingredients as a fertilizer for a super soil. So, if you find that you’re regularly tossing these parts of the plant, now is a good time to learn how to use them.

5. Buy in bulk to save money

It is not uncommon for cannabis users to measure their use in grams, quarters, eighths, or ounces because these amounts are relatively easy for consumers to ingest over a short period of time, but if you’re buying anything less than an ounce, then you’re missing out on some hefty savings that can be had from buying in bulk. Sometimes, you can save as much as 50% just from buying enough to last for a month instead of just a few joints for the weekend, so it’s more than worth saving up if you must, to do it.

6. Not all lighters are made equal


You might think that as long as your lighter or matches are providing a spark that they’re doing their job, and while technically that is true, some are far superior to others for cannabis smoking, and quality has little to do with it. Some of the most expensive options like Zippos will taint the flavor, leaving a fuel taste in your mouth, and matches pose a higher risk of burns as they’re more difficult to point. Cheap lighters will explode after prolonged use, and electric rarely cuts it, but BIC’s always work wonders.

7. You can change the taste of cannabis in an instant

Are you bored of the same old taste of a stash that you’ve been sitting on for a while? This happens a lot when your source doesn’t provide much for options, or you buy a large amount and just grow tired of it, but all is not lost, as you have more control over flavor than you might realize. All you need is a few slices of your favourite fruit, a handful of mint leaves, or some fresh terpenes and in no time, your bland old bag can be transformed into a fruity, minty, or terpy delight that excites the senses.

8. Ice can make hits so much smoother

This cannabis secret is only helpful if you use a device that is compatible with water, but once you try it, you’ll find that the results are lifechanging. Adding just a couple of ice cubes to the chamber of a water bong or water pipe can help to cool the smoke which will make it smoother, so you won’t have to cough as much as you enjoy it. Plus, it seems to help the water to stay a bit fresher for longer, so that you aren’t distracted with the task of having to empty it when you’re only halfway through a session.

9. Growing can save you a fortune, and it isn’t hard to do

Bulk buying can save you hundreds of dollars every single year but growing it can get rid of the expense altogether, making cannabis concentrates and other potent goods much more easily obtainable if you’re under financial constraints. It can be quite a bit of work to maintain, and it might take a few tries before you get enough to support your habit for the entire year from a single growing season, but every little bit that you get for free adds up, and with seeds only a few dollars each, there is no way to lose.

10. Cones simplify rolling

Some people spend years trying to work out the complexities of rolling a good joint or blunt, as it sounds and looks so easy, but even with the help of the finest grinders, and the highest quality papers, sometimes, the skill just never seems to come, or if it does it comes and goes with some successes and fails. Luckily, we live in a time where technology and innovation have provided a solution in the form of cones, which are easy to fill, pack, and spark with absolutely no twisting skills required.

Being a stoner doesn’t have to be complicated, and we hope that this list of rarely discussed cannabis secrets helps to make everything just a little bit simpler so that you can truly enjoy the benefits of the plant without having to stress over any of the silly annoyances along the way.

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