Shake and Bake
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Shake and Bake

Today: Open 10:00 AM - Close 9:00 PM
20477 Schaefer Hwy, Detroit, MI 48235, USA
CONGRATULATIONS & SHAKE YOU FOR BAKING WITH US!! OPEN 10AM-9PM MONDAY-SATURDAY; 10AM-8PM SUNDAY!! WE CARRY LAB TESTED, PESTICIDE FREE PREMIUM QUALITY TOP SHELF FLOWER, CONCENTRATES, VAPE CARTRIDGES AND EDIBLES! AlphaGlue Terp Jam: $40/g Glue Barrymore Budder: $30/g MCC Brownies and Krispies: $12/ea or 3/$30 District Gummies: $15/ea or 3/$33 Sherbert Crasher: $7/g - $20/8th - $140/oz TAX INCLUDED! SweetChem 13: $9/g - $29/8th - $199/oz Platinum Vape CCells: $35/ea. or just $30/ea. when ...

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