JARS East Detroit
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JARS East Detroit

Today: Open 10:00 AM - Close 8:45 PM
11400 E 8 Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48205, USA
JARS MADNESS WEEK 1 BRACKETS | TODAY’S SPECIALS | MAR. 15th – 20th 10% OFF YOUR FAVORITE BRAND PRODUCTS. Vote on IG @jars_life to see which brand advances! HYMAN, LOCAL GROVE, PLATINUM VAPE, MITTEN EXTRACT, MKX, CHOICE, HUMBLEBEE, & ELEMENT FLOWER Mix & Match 5g 8th or 10g qtrs $99 Prepacked Flower Oz $10 off Prepacked Shake Oz 10% off Hyman & Local Grove 8ths Buy 2 Prepacked Half Oz get $30 off 3 for $100 Empire, Hytek, & Astro Hippies 8th 4 for $100 Canna Boyz, Fluresh, Redbud, Calyxeum, & G...

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