Cannabal City Collective - Los Angeles
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Cannabal City Collective - Los Angeles

Today: Open 09:00 AM - Close 8:50 PM
547 Seaton St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, USA
LA-A10-18-0000030-APP, LA-M10-18-0000030-APP Hello Cannabals & future Cannabals. Here’s a little bio about Cannabal City {MEDICINAL ONLY} if you haven’t yet heard of us (and for those who have, check out the referral coupon!) Cannabal City, formerly Grateful Meds, is a Pre-ICO collective operating in compliance with Prop D & SB420 and are recognized by the City of Los Angeles. Our staff consists of very knowledgeable, friendly faces. Upon entering, our Security staff will open the door for yo...

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