Bella Luna

The spongy, dense flowers of this indica cultivar are a lush, mint green with purple undertones flecked with vibrant orange pistils and a frosty coating of white trichomes. With flavours and fragrances that can vary greatly between phenotype, this particular variety of Conspiracy Kush has a bittersweet aroma intermixed with spice and an earthy pine and pepper taste.

Reviews breakdown from Conspiracy Kush strain

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Relaxed (100%)
Happy (71%)
Sleepy (62%)
Euphoric (48%)
Uplifted (40%)
Earthy (100%)
Sweet (83%)
Woody (52%)
Pine (52%)
Pungent (48%)
Dry Mouth (100%)
Dry Eyes (40%)
Dizzy (10%)
Anxious (5%)
Paranoid (5%)

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