Pink Kush Disposable Vape

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Cancel your plans, and chill like a champ, this Indica strain with terpenes reflecting pine and lemon is your smoke free alternative to a Canadian favourite. Our disposable vape pens are ideal for a trial run at a concert or weekend away. Think of it as buying the single before you invest in the whole album.

Reviews breakdown from Pink Kush strain

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Relaxed (100%)
Happy (72%)
Euphoric (57%)
Sleepy (52%)
Uplifted (44%)
Sweet (100%)
Flowery (68%)
Earthy (57%)
Pungent (33%)
Berry (23%)
Dry Mouth (100%)
Dry Eyes (57%)
Paranoid (14%)
Anxious (13%)
Dizzy (12%)

Pink Kush Disposable Vape Reviews

Does it have THC or CBD?
Very good

16.44% is what I got, not the 27% shown online. Pretty good light buzz, not too strong which I like. Found their company here:

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