Zest Qwest

Super Lemon Haze. Sativa dominant. It has a frosty layer of kief baring the much sought after ‘blonde’ tint. Known to have won many an award for its naturally lanky flowers donning a firm bud structure along with the signature aromatic decadence of zesty citrus. Small batched, hang dried, hand trimmed and expertly cured for a cannabis experience beyond the ordinary.

Reviews breakdown from Haze strain

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Happy (100%)
Euphoric (85%)
Uplifted (84%)
Energetic (75%)
Creative (67%)
Earthy (100%)
Sweet (75%)
Spicy/Herbal (50%)
Woody (38%)
Pungent (32%)
Dry Mouth (100%)
Paranoid (52%)
Dry Eyes (44%)
Dizzy (36%)
Anxious (22%)

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